Best Way to Stay Connected to Bangkok: DTAC SIM Card Vending Machine

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Two weeks back, I took a quick getaway from school right after my dance concert ended to Bangkok! It was such a YOLO moment but I really needed a quick and fuss free getaway from the hectic and crazy school life that was draining me out entirely. The morning after my dance concert, I quickly packed my bag within 30 min and left for Bangkok already... LOL what a spontaneous trip this was!

Of course though, my research paper, and other stuff were all still undone so I couldn't really just leave everything in the lurch, sooooo staying connected while overseas was super important! I'm sure one of the first few things that many of us do when we arrived at another country is to get a SIM card! One of the things that really puts me off is the terrible long queues at the airport to get a SIM card and it's even worse if there's communication barrier/ if you didn't do proper research prior hahaha. Of course, not to worry about that in Bangkok and many of the cities I've visited so far because the airport staff has always been the friendliest!

DTAC, one of Thailand's leading telco has come up with an extremely brilliant "innovation" to help fight the long queues at the airport! They actually have a SIM card vending machine where getting a SIM card is as easy as getting a drink from the vending machine!!!

It's really super quick and convenient!!! I'd love to take you through the steps one by one as to how to use the machine but there isn't even a need to because there were 2 friendly staff at the vending machine and all you have to do is to tell them which option you'd like... and within 3 minutes everything was done!? No queue no fuss and everything, it really is the best way to save time and optimize all the time you have in Bangkok for greater, more important things like food and shopping! ^^

There are 2 SIM cards available, and the steps are as simple as pressing the buttons "Select- Register- Pay"

1. Happy Tourist 299 Baht (1.5GB with 100THB call credit) ; for up to 7 Days usage
2. Happy Tourist 599 Baht (4GB with 100THB call credit) ; for up to 14 Days usage

& you won't have to worry about payment because both Cash and credit cards are accepted!:)

As I was only there for a short 2 Night trip, I got the 7day unlimited SIM card since that was the "least" option heh. The 1.5GB is definitely more than sufficient for you to use for just that few days that you're there!!!

Staying connected on Snapchat; kudos to DTAC's SIM Card!

Trust me the 4G is freaking fast, faster than the hotel wifi and 1.5GB really can use till you shiok ('cause in SG one month only got 3GB D: ) You can use it to tether to your laptop if you need to do work HAHA but yes, for me, it's a great way to stay connected on my social media platforms (esp Snapchat which sucks dry all your data usage omggg) and of course, to navigate around the city! :)

Not to mention, with every purchase of the DTAC Happy Tourist SIM Card, you'll be able to apply for free life insurance with 100,000 THB life insurance coverage from Muang Thai Life Assurance Co., Ltd!! It's really pretty much a steal, since the 7 Day Happy Tourist SIM Card only costs 299Baht! I'm definitely a Happy Tourist with the SIM card ;-)

To be frank, I didn't really do much on this Bangkok trip except to really take the breather from the hectic life over here in Singapore (stress level for the last month of school too damn high) So I guess, it was mainly eating and just random walking all over the place for me! Who needs a cab when you can walk, and never afraid of getting lost because you'll always have data connection to check where you are, and to spontaneously google places to go on the go? :) I definitely don't... :)

One of the street snacks that caught my eyes (and appetite) and I couldn't help but to buy it to try.. IT WAS SO GOOD. You see, these are the little things you might miss if you do not randomly wander around the streets :')

With DTAC's SIM card and how convenient it is to get one, I'm never afraid of getting lost in the land of thousand smiles anymore! And yes, with the vending machine, I am pretty sure I can even give a million smiles at the time I get to save! :)

DTAC SIM Card Vending Machine
Available at:
Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), Arrival Hall Gate 7
Opening Hours: 24 hours! YAY :)

Thank you DTAC &Nuffnang for sending me on this trip :)
#dtacTouristSIM #dtacHappytouristSIM


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