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It's been awhile since I last updated the blog and it's already May and guess what? I'm already done with school and 99.9% graduated HAHA In the past 1 year, I've been really lucky and privileged to be able to work with wonderful brands and companies and one of them, which has greatly benefited my life (HAHA) is definitely GoGoVan Singapore!

As most of you would have already known if you've been following my humble little space for awhile, I've been staying in hall for my university years and have to constantly move in and out of hall during the end/start of a new semester! Moving in and especially out can be such a hassle especially if you have a ton of things to bring over -- mini fridge, pillow, bolster, laptop, etc and you have to do it all by yourself :O So I was really thankful when I was introduced to Gogovan, which is a moving service that helps you transport your stuff at an affordable pricing! I'd say, think of it as an Uber for moving services?:)

Besides the fact that it has a website and a phone application that is very easy to navigate around, you get to see a "preview" of how much your trip will cost before deciding whether to get the mover to come! This way, you get to have a good gauge whether Gogovan or a normal cab is more worth the money, but I can assure you I've tried it a few times and the former always wins hahaha.
Getting an instant quotation by keying in your point of departure and destination for the various services

There're three main options that you can choose from at the Gogovan platform --

  •  Deliver Small Goods
  • Transport Large and Bulky Items
  • Book A Moving Service

Customizing your trip -- "Add-ons" you can choose from!

For me, I've been getting the "Transport" service from them with a mover (slight additional cost) and Gogovan transports not just all my barang barang from hall, it also sends me right to my door step! There was once it was raining and the driver still came down to help me move my stuff up... the service is really impeccable! Guess not just my stuff is being moved, I am moved too HAHAHA (pun intended)

To make things simpler for you guys, I've done up a quick 15s video (shared on Instagram previously) to show you how seamless, convenient and easy the process was. It really was as easy as calling for a cab!

With Gogovan, I can choose a timing to move out of hall as and when I like and not have to trouble my dad to make multiple trips (usually I have to make 2??) to and fro hall to help me move my stuff out!

Gonna be moving out of the hall for the last time ever this coming weekend and I'm looking forward to getting Gogovan again! (also, the drivers are v friendly so striking a conversation isn't tough and the ride is more enjoyable! ^^)

Thank you Gogovan Singapore for making the moving process in and out of hall such a fuss-free and convenient one!

Xin Lin


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