Hello blog, Goodbye Dayre

3:00 AM

I guess with me penning down this post on the blog, it officially means goodbye to my dayre. And hello, (welcome back to) old school blogging again!

Ever since the Dayre app began a few years back, I picked up the habit of micro-blogging, neglecting the site for quite a fair bit. Ok, maybe A LOT hahaha because I was no longer posting casually and everything on the site has just been pretty curated, hasn't it?

And even as I'm just typing this post, I find myself sighing in disappointment about not being able to insert emojis to express how I feel or to add cute stickers anymore. LOL. It has been a good 3-4 years on Dayre I must say, and I thank you all for following my humble journey there.

Gaining a following on Dayre wasn't what I had wanted initially, otherwise I would have gone by my more commonly used social media handles instead of my old blog url. But to the then editor behind the Dayre team who picked one lost uni girl randomly out of nowhere to be the EP on Dayre, thank you for thinking my boring rants were worth a little something. And subsequently for everything good that happened after that, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

It was a good 3-4 year run, Dayre. Thank you for the great memories, and for the friendships I forged/maintained through there. 

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