VINATA : Your skincare must-buy when in Taiwan

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Hello everyone!

Hope your 2018 is doing fine so far :) Stepping into a new year, I took the first month to recharge myself before letting the travel bug bite again. Right, travel... all of us love to travel don't we? :p Whether it's for a resort holiday or a backpacking trip, pretty sure we tend to shop (or look for things to) when we're traveling always. I know because it's totally what happens to me all the time! And one of my must buys or must check out is beauty products for sure... and I'm pretty sure a lot of you ladies will resonate well with this too LOL

Now, I've been to Taiwan 5 times but I don't recall having checked out a lot of the local beauty brands themselves despite there being so many in the market! The ones I know, I can count with one hand I think... and recently I was introduced to VINATA, a Taiwanese skincare brand under the Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation (TTL) Bio-Tech subsidiary.

The brand VINATA has its product focus on sake yeast extraction (oooh no wonder the link to TTL!) and has its yeast extracted only from Taiwan Yuquan sake.

To be frank, I only got to know of the brand when they approached me to do a review for their product. But hey! That's one more local Taiwanese beauty brand I know of and you all will come to know of too :P 

What I received was the VINATA Crystal Clear anti-wrinkle set -- which from what its name suggests, is their anti-ageing range. I know I'm in my mid 20s and it's about time to start before it's too late, or is this a hint for me to do smth about how I look ah?? LOL Alright let's get down to reviewing the products!

The Crystal Clear Anti-Wrinkle range contains 2 core compositions in their products - SAKE yeast essence and red wine polyphenol that was contributed by its own extract technology from TTL, and aims to provide not just anti-ageing properties, but also the whitening and moisturizing effect that you'd need in your skincare usage!

Toner - VINATA Moisture Toning

The VINATA Moisture Toning water has an incredibly lightweight texture, almost like water! It isn't tacky on the skin and absorbs really quickly, leaving on a soft layer on my skin for easy application of your other skincare steps :) I'd say this is a really good step to prep your skin by providing that hydration to your face to kickstart the day's regime!

Essence: VINATA anti-wrinkle essence

This is my favourite product from this range after trying it out for about a week! The essence has a watery gel like texture, and it isn't too heavy on the skin at all. Applies super smoothly and the fragrance smell is very subtle! I've seen how this essence provides that hydration boost I needed but I probably would need to try it out for even longer to see if it does reduce the fine lines on my face :p Nothing works like a miracle potion after all!

Cream: VINATA revitalizing cream

One thing I like about the products from this range is how subtle the products smell - nothing too over the top and just a subtle hint of sake yeast and red wine. It smells very relaxing actually! The revitalizing cream looks pretty thick and heavy, but thankfully it didn't feel so when I applied onto my skin! It provides a good layer of moisture to your face without leaving any oily film behind which is a score!

Eye Cream: VINATA revitalizing eye cream

I personally haven't got to try this out yet but the eye cream reminds me of the revitalizing cream in the creamier, slightly heavier version. However, initial swatches doesn't feel too oily or heavy as well which is important for our delicate eyes area!

Facial Capsule: VINATA firming facial capsule

This facial capsule is like a pack of power serum! If you prefer using serums over essence, then this would be more for you :) Personally, facial capsules tend to be a little too rich for me sometimes so I won't use it daily, but maybe 3x a week :) I'd wake up to a freshly rejuvenated face after I use this at night cos my face will be visibly brighter!

So if you're something with dull and dry skin like me and at mid 20s some fine lines are starting to show up on your face,you can consider getting the VINATA Crystal Clear wrinkle-free range to try on your next trip to Taiwan! 

Till next time!

Love, Xin Lin

This post is in collaboration with VINATA, all opinions are my own. 

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