Staying fresh with Colgate Naturals

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One of the essential household items that we can't do without in our daily lives has probably gotta be the toothpaste. (unless you're telling me you do not brush your teeth...but let's not get there LOL)

What are some of the things that you guys look out for when getting a toothpaste, though? Personally, I like my toothpaste to be fresh, not overly minty and not too harsh as I have slightly sensitive gums.

Colgate has recently launched their new Colgate Naturals range of toothpaste, which combines the best natural ingredients with their expertise in oral care to bring a whole new sensorial experience for us consumers! Now, I'm really liking how that sounds because a set of healthy, sparkly teeth with a fresh breath is one of the things I place a lot of emphasis on. In fact, I have been very anal about my own oral health ever since I put on braces, and made sure to only use toothpaste and toothbrushes that works well on my gums/teeth while containing as much natural ingredients as possible.

The Colgate Naturals range consists of 3 variants -- Pure Fresh , Real White and Gum Comfort.

The Pure Fresh variant contains lemon and aloe vera extracts, targeted for a lasting fresh breath with a zesty lemon taste. The Real White variant, as its name suggests, has a whitening benefit with the aid of seaweed and crystalline salts as ingredients. The Gum Comfort variant goes gentle on the gums with tea tree oil and aloe vera extracts:)

My favourite variant out of the 3 is the Colgate Naturals Pure Fresh with lemon and aloe vera extracts because it really makes my breath smell so good after that! 

The toothpaste did taste a little sweet when I first tried it as I was pretty used to using minty
toothpastes. (think honey lemon drink haha) However, it faded to a faint hint of zesty lemon as I brushed my teeth and it was an invigorating feeling to have my breath smell this good afterwards!

I'm definitely gonna have my Colgate Naturals in my oral care routine and be able to start the day feeling fresh! 

The Colgate Naturals range is available in all major supermarkets and online retailers. Head over to Lazada for Exclusive Colgate Naturals Surprise Box at $29.90 (UP $82.75). Check it out and let me know that you think! ;)

Xin Lin

This post is in collaboration with Colgate, all opinions are my own.

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