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I'm back here again hehe. It's e-learning week for NUS now and I don't have school on Mondays so I kinda just procrastinated my day away. Anyway, I've decided to jump onto the Dayre bandwagon!!

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Will definitely keep it updated but also won't neglect this blog! But all the nitty gritty details and boring daily stuff will be there. Decided to go public about my dayre after keeping it private for soooo long 'cause I barely update hehe. 

Anyway, the Nivea Girl's double page spread is out on Cleo Magazine!

Featuring the left side of my face which I barely take photos in. Probably that is why some of my friends say this photo doesn't look like me at all HAHA.

Ahhh, yes so where do I begin with this... I was really lucky and fortunate to be chosen to be the NIVEA girl for 2015! And to be honest, everyone in the office that I have worked or communicated with before is soooooo nice!!! I actually didn't feel very awkward around them and they have really taken care of me very well!

I'm saying all these because I think sometimes these accolades and achievements are just names, but what makes it worthwhile is whether doing/having all these makes you happy. And so far, I can't be more thankful! Without them, I probably wouldn't ever make it onto a magazine spread in my life, I think HAHA.

Since we're at the topic of Nivea, let me just share with you all some of the products that I loveeeeee and that you all might want to give it a try? Just a quick disclaimer: I'm neither paid to write this nor is this post requested of me as well! I mean of course the products are sponsored to me but I am totally not obliged to post for them!:) I just feel it's good to share since a couple of you have asked me about it on my ! I know I haven't been actively replying on, but I do read through all the questions/comments I get and usually I'll make a blog post out of what is usually more frequently asked!:) Nivea's products are also super pocket-friendly and available almost everywhere! These are just my top 3 picks at the moment:

1. Facial wipes -- it's a quick "perk me up" every time I end dance but I can't shower yet because I still have stuff to do. And it really removes all the dirt/sweat and gross stuff stuck to my face from the crazy dance pracs. I usually use this to "freshen" myself up, or remove sunblock! (because I only put sunblock at most everyday) These wipes comes in super handy, they aren't super wet, but adequately moist to keep me fresh :)

photo taken from Nivea's fb page

2. In-shower conditioner -- THIS. I have used 3 bottles of it (for dry skin, dark blue bottle) to date and all these 3 were bought with my own money before I got my sponsored ones from them. Loyalty to a product says it all! Also, I realised this does help to soothe the eczema on my legs, making it less irritated/itchy!

photo taken from

3. Extra White Pore Minimizer Scrub (the above photo is the foam) -- Been looking for a good scrub that doesn't irritate my skin. (the last time I used a facial scrub from a particular brand X, my face broke out in hives the next day! =.=) And tried this when I was sent a few of them, really did help to clear out those clogged pores from putting on heavy make up! And my skin felt "velvety" smooth after, and not overly squeaky clean. Not sure about you, but I'm not a big fan of "squeaky" clean skin I feel like my face has 0% moisture la HAHAHA, so if you have a preference just like I do, maybe you can try this!

I'm also in the midst of using some of their creams, but I have been alternating between a few different ones so I guess I can only tell you guys what is good when I decide to fix on a specific one and try out over a few weeks. ^^

Time to grab a quick dinner before dance, see you next time and don't forget to follow me on Dayre! if you have a Dayre account ;)

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