Turning 22

2:42 AM

Ah, it's been a month since I last blogged and within this one month, I grew older by a year! I'm finally done with midterms (though there are still presentations and reports due next week, but I'm giving myself a short break)

These years that we've been getting older has really been flying by so quickly. Quicker than 365 days. But even though the days, months and years seem to have pass by faster, I feel that my life has also really start to have a story on its own. When we were young, every birthdays were about the pretty cartoon birthday cakes, presents from your parents, sending goodie bags to school, or all the fanciful parties we'd throw. In teenage years, we wanted material goods. Every birthday was about having your entire wishlist checked. On most people's 21st, they'd throw a grand party to celebrate adulthood. (I didn't because I felt it was a waste of money) And now into young adulthood, I want no presents, don't expect gifts, but a simple call, a simple personalized text message, a simple meet up over a meal makes my day.

It's true that as we grow older, we lose many friends around us. But I think what is more important is that we can lose friends, but we shouldn't lose ourselves. Turning 22, I really hope I'd become wiser, and show more appreciation towards my true friends and loved ones. I am beyond thankful for all the friends who've stayed there throughout.. especially those who saw you through stupid rebellious puberty stage and never once judged you.

The year has been really great thus far, all the things that went wrong has taken a better turn. So thankful for all my friends who've stayed by me, all the opportunities given to me of late (worked on something for MUFE!!) and of course seeing my mum getting well and better. I hope things will continue this way and my birthday resolution? To be healthy, count my blessings and keep the positivity going :-)

A few reviews coming up next, stay tuned! :)

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