5:37 PM

Week 1 of school has ended and well, week 1 being week 1 is chill as always. Except that lots of preparations for projects and assignments are already in place... together with preparing for the start of dance practices next week onwards.

Having only a 2 day school week (Thurs is webcasted, and nobody goes for webcasted lectures one la haha) is pretty great, since I get the other 3 days of the weekdays to finish up all my readings and stuff and I'm just someone who likes to OTOT very much.

Haven't been in the best of spirits recently but I guess it all takes time. It requires some getting used to but things will eventually figure themselves out. There is no point spending nights bawling your eyes out over someone who doesn't even give a damn about how you feel.

Some nightmares last longer than others. They are called reality. And waking up to reality and having to face it is not going to be as easy as it seems. But it too shall pass.

Everything will get better. I just gotta be brave.

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