Recharging in progress

3:01 AM

Been half a month since I've disappeared from my blog and although I still have a few reviews at hand to write (some way overdue), I thought I really needed some space for myself as things hasn't been too great.

I'm just trying to find my pace back in life and having led a crazy hectic past week due to a dance production that I was involved in and finally over, I guess I'm slowly adjusting my life back, tuning it back and it's really time for a recharge.

As much as I've tried so hard not to think about all the sad things that have happened, things aren't always as easy as it seems. And right now I am stuck again. To be honest I am so tired I really just want to run away from all this shit. Sometimes all I wish for is things to be simple -- be with the one I love and the one who loves me. But it can just be so difficult sometimes. My friends have been telling me there's no need to pretend I am all strong when I am not, it is okay to break down and be sad and cry but I just... don't even know how to anymore. Look forward, not back. But what about the present? This is a question I've always asked myself... and the person who used to mean a lot to me. Why are we always only talking about the future/not bringing up the past but never talked about the now, the present?

Why do I have to go through this over and over again, I don't get it.

It's the last few days before turning 22, I need to recharge and stop feeling so down. It is afterall, one of my resolutions this year to only keep the ones worth loving.

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