Hello Year 3, Sem 1

11:47 PM

Finally got my hands on my laptop again after about a month of hiatus!!! Not that I was being lazy or inactive but my laptop is REALLY dying. Today's a rare day where I managed to start it up at normal speeds and it doesn't hang on me at all. This lappy's 5 years old so I guess it's about time I get a new one at the next IT fair.

For the month that I've been away life has been super great!!! Ended work at the place where I was working part time for -- Jo Malone London at MBS. It's actually only about 2 weeks since I left work but it feels like 3 months already. Had an anniversary staycation with the bf which I will blog about in the next post! (sucha special occasion I'm gonna reserve an entire post for it alone :) ) and of course, rag! (And now, school)

Rag Day 2014 -- Carnival of Dreams

It's my third and final year doing rag for hall (I stay in Sheares Hall, and we do combined rag with Kent Ridge so we're collectively known as KRaSHers) and every year it's been nothing short of amazing :)

Was contemplating at first whether I should be joining rag again this year because my summer's more busy with work and stuff but was glad the choreos this year approached me and asked if I was keen to take up the main character role! So obviously I agreed and I think I only joined in their practices like 3 weeks prior to rag day. But everyone was really nice and it's super encouraging to see so many Shearite freshies in rag this year! (:

Photo credits to KR Photocomm :)

To be honest, it was quite saddening to know that we didn't win Gold again this year like we always had, but well the results didn't exactly determine how awesome my rag experience has been since year 1. And I think I still managed to "graduate" from rag feeling extremely happy and accomplished :) From a rag dancer in Year 1 to a choreographer in Year 2 then on to the main character in Year 3, I've learnt tremendously a lot from different perspectives of being part of KRaSHers, and it is definitely the most rewarding experience I have ever gotten from Sheares Hall (: Even though the significance of rag in NUS is kinda diminishing and becoming more controversial, if we put all those aside and simply immerse ourselves in enjoying the moment and journey of making friends, spending quality time and working towards a common goal for our halls together, everything is indeed worthwhile. 

And nothing drives us to give our 200% on stage than when we hear the cheers of "KRA-KRA-KRA-KRASHERS" from the supporters' stand (: Thank you KRaSHers, for being there for me at the start of every academic year. 

(Now, what to do if I'm doing honours next year???!!!) 

It's week 1 of Year 3 Semester 1 now and I've already had 2 lessons for the week. For the first time I'm having a 5 day school week but well I stay in hall so I shouldn't complain!!! Great thing's that my lessons all start in the afternoon, which is perfect for my body clock. I really hope this semester goes well because it's going to determine whether I'll be able to do an honours year.

To a great academic year ahead, let's gooooo!!:)

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