Food allergy

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Oh gawd I wonder what is it that I ate AGAIN this time... I've been having a rash outbreak since Wednesday night and it went on (meaning I scratched on) till Thursday night where it became hives with the ugliest bumps ever. It was so bad that my entire face was filled w red patches and bumps too but I practiced enough restraint not to scratch my face lest I disfigure it LOL. My back is now filled w several scratch marks (wow I have nails??!!) :(

Had to take an urgent MC off work halfway while working on Thursday, being such a burden colleague and rushed down to see a doctor. It's like the second time I'm having this outbreak within the past two months. And then once like 3 years back, but none of those were this bad to extend for days!!! Usually the rashes/hives just go away after a night but sigh, not this time :( The worst part is, I don't even know what I ate!!!!! I mean, I ate everything I usually would. I'm allergic to condensed milk so I never ever buy anything w them in it but why????:(

Highest suspects in the list: peanuts/prawns/ALCOHOL.
Well because the previous time I had an allergy I also consumed peanuts, I was never allergic to prawns but that day I ate some prawns prior to the allergy :( and the last one sounds stupid but I used to get rashes when I drink last time, but those that only lasted a few minutes and barely caused me any inconveniences... And well considering allergy can actl only act up up to 72 hours after consumption, I shall not rule out that possibility. Think I really gotta go and get myself tested for whatever I'm allergic to!!! This can't go on like what if I suddenly eat something I'm allergic to and have to go through everything again?????:(

Woke up on Friday feeling so much better without any severe itching BUT my eyes were SO swollen I could barely lift them up and open hahaha. Was so afraid it was some drug allergy (q retarded to be allergic to the medicine that eases your allergy no??) But the doc says it was merely an extension to my allergy. Sigh had to walk around the whole day with shades on cos it was too bloody terrible I looked like I got beaten up so bad!!!!

It's much better today but my left eye is still swollen. And my eye area hurts. :( really gotta watch what I eat next time. Never, ever want to go through this again. !!!!


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