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Outfit details:
Top: Bangkok
Skorts: c/o RunwayAE

It's been a long while since I've updated and 5 weeks of school has already passed! Sadly, I've caught on with the flu bug that's been spreading around hall and it's been giving me one hell of a time. The headache's been on for 3 days and I feel like banging my head against the wall every single minute.

So I guess I most frequently appear here when I'm sick, because I finally decided I need to take a break.

There're lots of backlogging to do and I'm still determined to jot them down all in my blog just so that I could remember them down a few years time :) Since my last post, I have gotten myself a new laptop and a new camera and loving every single bit of it :)

Got the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and I've been eyeing on it ever since I started researching on which laptop I should change to. Nope, I haven't hopped over to the Apple bandwagon for laptops yet! I love how flexible the laptop is, it can be both a laptop and a tablet and I can finally read my readings on long bus rides if I'm bored now!:) Also, it's extremely lightweight (1.3kg) and its battery life is amazing for a Windows laptop (lol I know, Macbook Air's battery life wins hands down!! I've studied at Starbucks and wondered why do Macbook users never need to charge their laptops but I'm like permanently hunting for a plug) It came at quite a hefty price tag though, pfft and that was the only thing stopping me from buying the laptop prior to getting it at Comex for about $300 cheaper than retail price.

Here's a backlog of things to do:
- Blog about first Anniversary (that's about 2 months ago but okay I finally have photos with me now)
- Part 2 of SNDC! And Buaya Week's happening in hall naoooo.
- Skincare regime for my EXTREMELY sensitive skin that's like so prone so eczema :( But it's finally getting better!
- General updates
-Answer ALL the questions on Askfm!

Also received a few samples for the new Innershine Collagen5000 Powder and might just do a review soon enough once I've tried them! As well as possibly a TaoBao haul after it arrives!!! (my block in hall did a mass TaoBao shopping spree! YAY)

For now... I have
- an assignment due tomorrow
- a project discussion to finish up by Tuesday
- a midterms on Monday (that I'm so so screwed for)
- a fucking headache to cure

Gotta be back to doing my essay now. Be back soon!!!

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