Review: Bifesta Micellar Sensitive Lotion

10:30 PM

Helloooo y'all!

I've not updated in a while and have neglected this space quite a bit but I'm back here today and am gonna be reviewing one of the make up cleansers I've been using for the past 2 months - the Bifesta Micellar Sensitive Lotion!

I've been an ardent user of Bifesta's Micellar Cleansing Water and also their wipes for a couple of years now. They're afterall, one of the leading brands when it comes to Micellar Cleansing Water and is Japan's No. 1 Brand for Micellar Water! Having sensitive and dry skin means it's important that I do not further strip my face of moisture during the initial cleansing step when removing my make up. 

Now, living in a city like Singapore means that besides our make up, sweat and dirt, we're also susceptible to City Skin - the result of a myriad of external stresses that causes our skin to be easily sensitive such as lack of sleep, work stress, fast pace life, etc. Bifesta's Micellar Sensitive Lotion is designed specially as a defence against City Skin, while still maintaining its non-stinging formula that is free of Oil, Alcohol, Paraben, Fragrance, Colorant and allergy-tested, just like all their other existing Micellar Cleansing products. 

Having used Bifesta's Micellar Cleansing products for a significant amount of time now, I dare say they're one of the micellar cleansing products out there that removes all traces of make up thoroughly, and does not sting my eyes when I'm removing my eye make up!

For a normal day to day make up, I am usually able to remove all my make up with just a single cotton pad! :O

Beyond just a make up remover, Bifesta's Micellar Sensitive Lotion takes it a step further by also protecting our skin from drying and friction to be ready for all the external stresses, helping our skin cope further from getting City Skin. I'd gladly attribute all my clear skin days to Bifesta's Micellar Sensitive Lotion because its thorough yet gentle cleansing allows my sensitive skin to stay hydrated and firm looking!

The first step to feeling confident in your bare skin really comes down to using a good cleanser - both make up removing and a normal facial cleanser wise. And I'll be sticking with Bifesta Micellar Sensitive Lotion for awhile now ;)

The Bifesta Micellar Sensitive Lotion is retailing at $18.90 at all major drugstores, supermarket and department stores. Go get your hands on it now! :)

With love, 
Xin Lin

Note: This post is in colaboration with Bifesta Singapore. All opinions are my own.

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