It sucks to be sick

12:47 AM

Been down with a terrible flu and took 2 days of MC off work (Sat and Sun). Slept through both days because the medicine was so strong I just felt so drowsy all the time.... Back to work tomorrow.

Promise to update tmr since I have off on Tues!! Either with part 2 of my BKK trip (which is all on SHOPPING!) or another collaboration post with LOLA :) 

Random sidetrack:
I really, really need to save money because I'm so broke now. So many 21st birthdays to attend = money spent on presents plus I'm trying really, really hard not to spend! But I've been wanting to get myself a new camera for a long time ever since my Fujifilm cam became too old to be functioning properly after 7 years :( Anyone has any good recommendations on cameras that aren't too expensive?:) Pls let me know!!!

Wore this dress c/o Fleurettos to a 21st birthday party yesterday and I love this dress so much :) My kind of blue, floral prints and cutting all in one dress itself :) Not advertising for them though, but I had such a tough time deciding which dress to keep whenever I model for them! Feel free to check out their online store at and they also have a physical store itself at FEP which I guess most of us are more familiar with :)

Okay, time to hit the sack... feeling drowsy from the med again and working morning shift tmr!:(

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