When I'm on my period

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The most dreadful time of the month, is THE time of the month for me. I have no idea how some girls do not go through any form of pain or cramps.. I can only cry in envy of their lives because mine sure is a freaking volcano eruption from my down under!!! Sigh...

An honest depiction of me when I'm on my period:

I have no idea why a natural biological cycle that women go through can bring me soooo much pain every month, and I do mean like legit I-really-am-going-to-die pain. Sometimes on top of the cramps (which alone is enough to kill), I get migraines and vomit and have even fainted!!!

Well, people say shun girls who are on their periods because they are extremely irritable, but hell, how do I even talk when my uterus feels like it is ripping apart and I barely have any colour on my face and I can't even stand up straight?!?! :( Due to the slight irregularity of my period, I have to pray every month that it doesn't fall on important events like a dance performance or an exam. If it does, that's probably the end of me :(

I've tried many many methods on trying to "heal" my cramps but none seem to be extremely effective... So here are the things I've tried:

1) Panadol Menstrual Pills aka the pink pill
Well this works most of the time and I am extremely reliant on them but the effect only sets in 2 hours after consumption. SO WHAT HAPPENS TO ME DURING THAT TWO HOURS? I LIE ON MY BED AND WAIT FOR MYSELF TO BLEED TO DEATH

2) Hot Chocolate
As mentioned in my previous post, whenever I'm in hall and I'm on my period, I must have the Hot Chocolate from Reedz, which is a cafe just down the road from hall. They serve the most heavenly hot chocolate ever and they are so comforting. I also used to keep dark chocolate in my room so that I can eat when in pain. The only thing is I feel like shit feeling so bloated and here I am stuffing myself silly with lots of chocolate just to feel better. But damn, anything that works to make me feel alive, GIVE IT TO MEEEE.

HAHAHAHA. quite true.

3) Hot towel/bottle.
I used to have these heat packs specially for menstrual cramps that I bought in Taiwan a few years back and those were like GOLD to me every time of the month. But on a return trip then I could no longer find it on the shelves in their Cosmed/Watsons hence I was extremely sad... Took alternatives like the conventional hot towel/hot bottle and place it over my abdominal area, well it does provide some form of instant comfort but having to refill the bottle w hot water is such a chore when I can't even move...

Just want to lie on my bed all day errday (maybe explains why I have been soooo tired the past few days). But even so, the last thing I want to wake up to is a patch of stain on my bed sheets. ARGHHHH. Or stains on my newly bought/ favourite underwear. ARGHHHH x2.

Honestly every month I wonder, what's ever gonna happen to me when I have to go through labour pain?!?!?!? Omg the thought of the PAIN itself is horrifying enough considering just period can give me this kind of pain, and even make me vomit and faint. The older generations always tell us to drink more hot water/ less cold drinks during the month so chances of getting cramps will be lower but HEY I ONLY DRINK WARM WATER everyday of my life and I seldom drink cold drinks :( 

Why is life this tough on us girls...SOME OF US. And guys they can never understand this pain. The only thing they know about period is everytime we flare up it must be "PMS". And it gets so annoying!!! In my next life I AM GOING TO BE A GUY.


But for now

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