Foodlog: Habitat Coffee

1:19 PM

HIIII!!! I'm back in action and back from my short 5 days trip to Bangkok as well :) Will blog about the bangkok trip altogether in my next post and will also be sharing my loots!!! (SO DAMN A LOT I AM SO BROKE NOW!!!) But before that I shall just jot down a foodventure I had with B the Saturday before I flew off to BKK :)

*ok it was 5am and I fell asleep after typing that paragraph LOL*

It wasn't my first visit to Habitat Coffee but my previous visit there was pretty long ago. Went back on a Saturday afternoon a week back and the queue was so longgg we had to be on the waiting list for about 45 min! So while waiting, we hopped over to Wafflelicious (because Salted Caramel wasn't opened yet) for some Waffles and ice cream (yay to Cinammon waffles!!)

So after we finally got seated at Habitat Coffee, we had our food ordered since we already kinda decided about what we wanted to eat before that :)

For me: Smoked Chicken Sandwich w/o black olives (picky eater here!!!)
For B: Eggs Ben w sauteed mushroom (forgot what's the name on the menu)
For sharing: Churros// Iced Lychee Fusion Tea each

We didn't order the truffle fries this time even though Habitat Coffee has my FAVOURITE truffle fries ever!!! Well, we just decided we have gotten kinda sick of truffle fries already... and we were craving for Churros! The churros wasn't exactly disappointing but it would have been greater if it was chew-ier. Felt that the churros stix were too thin hence not much texture for us to chew on :( Prefer the ones at Churrosity at Holland V!

My sandwich looks like a decent portion but I couldn't finish it!!! Usually am quite a big eater but probably due to the waffles we had while waiting, I just couldn't finish the sandwich. But it was still delectable to speak of, love how they used raisin(?) bread instead of normal white bread! Didn't try the Eggs Ben but the sauteed mushroom was good!! My kind of sauteed mushrooms hehe :) Iced Lychee Tea wise, it felt like the Lychee Tea we could get at Good news cafe back in JC though. LOL!!! Would prefer to have their coffee any other day.

Would definitely be back here again to try more stuff! Love its accessibility from home plus the quality of food. And will come back for their TRUFFLE FRIES!!!!!

Hehe till then :) BKK post up next!!!

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