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Finally, exams are over (on the 29th actually and it's May now hahaha) and Summer vacation has began for me!!! *throws confetti in air* Wanted to update this space on the night when my exams ended but.... I gave in to temptations and hibernated through the whole day and night for the past two days. As long as I'm not out for meals, I'm in bed. So lazy I couldn't even drag my fat ass off the bed to head to the gym!

This reading period leading up to exams has been a super fattening one. Somehow I kept getting hungry and having weird cravings for certain food hence here's just a mini record of some of the things I ate over the reading period, minus the 100000000 cups of Starbucks coffee I've drank ARGH. Which is the main reason why I gained weight.

The Brew & Bake Company
This is quite a newly opened cafe just located 2 bus stops from hall along the Pasir Panjang Road stretch next to Fong Seng and Ameen. I bet most hall residents in NUS would know of this place already! Heard that the waffles was good so I really wanted to give it a try (waffle craving level is at like level 10000 lately) Dragged the boyfriend who isn't a dessert fan down on a weekday night but sadly they ran out of waffles then BUT that didn't stop us, or rather me HAHAHA because we went back the next day during dinner time and YAY, GOTCHA!!!

Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled in Maple Syrup ($7.60? 10% for NUS students but we forgot to quote)
Now, now. This waffle definitely shot up my charts of favourite waffles list...!!! It's probably somewhere second or third place now. I love how it is crisp and fluffy at the same time and the hotness/warmth(??) of the waffles was just well done and omg typing this at 4:40am in the morning isn't too good an idea for my stomach :( The only con, if that ever counts is that the plate looks like it is from Comm Hall (the dining area of our hostel) HAHAHAHA Okay that was a stupid remark which kinda made us giggled a little but nevertheless I can't express how thankful I am that they are located within 10minutes walking distance from hall!!!

The Brew and Bake Company
28 Clementi Road
Singapore 129754

Wah Chee

Here, here. This meal marked the start of my reading week and official end to my Year 2 student life in NUS. Headed here for a lunch with some of my classmates and okay, I thought the food was not bad but didn't quite understand the rave over it? Like the butter squid was not bad, cereal chicken was not bad to me but I definitely had better tofu and sambal kangkong elsewhere. Maybe it was the dishes we ordered that weren't their signature dishes, but it's okay! For the price and the occasion, it filled my tummy making me happy and I'd go back there again to try the correct dishes next time :)

Wah Chee
#01-02, Dover Court
5 Dover Crescent

Bread Yard

Got to try this cafe in the school compounds of SUTD just last Friday when I decided I needed a good meal the day before my exams began hahaha. Getting to that place can be a little tricky but luckily Vanesse has been there a couple of times, else I think I might just get lost LOL Definitely not a West-ie here even after staying on campus for 2 years.

I had the Smoked Chicken Sandwich ($4.90 SUTD price) with a meal that consisted of Roasted Potatoes and Iced Tea for $1.50. Now that's so much more affordable than cafe prices and the quality wasn't even compromised. Not to mention that I love the ambience there:) We shared the Toffee Sticky Pudding for $4, served with a scoop of ice cream. Worth every single cent of that $4 this thing! However, felt that the roasted potatoes was a tad too dry, but otherwise there's nothing to complain about for this price and quality :)

Bread Yard (SUTD)
                                                                       20 Dover Dr
Singapore 138682

Butter Studio

Didn't head down to try their cupcakes but B bought this for me and Michelle for our exam welfare after she ended her exams :) Hehe I took the rainbow vanilla one and it was such a comforting food for the stressful soul. Love how the texture of their cake is just right for my palate, nothing too buttery or too sweet :)

Late Plate

This was my end of exams celebratory meal two days back!!! Located in school, just 5 minutes walk away from hall, this is quite a hidden affordable gem hehe. Tried the Tom Yum pasta ($8.90) and it was so good except that towards the last mouthful it left me feeling a bit sick. But that was already very commendable because usually I can't get myself past 3 mouthfuls for cream based pasta! Tongs had the Prawn Aglio Olio which I tried a mouthful and it was really good too! Also ordered Hot Chocolate but sadly it was quite disappointing. I suggest if you want good Hot Chocolate in school, just go to Reedz and get it for $3.40. That Hot Chocolate is my cure for period cramps NO KIDDING

Late Plate (NUS)
Shaw Foundation Alumni House
Singapore 119244

Seoul Yummy

Yay this was just yesterday! This was birthday lunch with Russel for his 21st birthday :) Went out just for a simple meal, main point was to "chill" hahaha all our meals are forever finding chill places to eat. We had the Army's Stew which was just nice for the 2 of us!!! (together with 6 appetizers, 1 spicy rice cake, 1 seafood pancake and a dessert to top it off) I think throughout the meal I only kept drinking the soup from the stew and had some noodles and meat from there, and made Russel eat all the hot dogs and luncheon meat since I don't eat processed meat! Hahaha.

This was actl yogurt, not soft serve!!!

Seoul Yummy
#04-11, Bugis+
201 Victoria Street

Okay with this, I officially start my Summer vacation proper!!! Can't wait for Bangkok next week as well as to get myself a part time job to earn back some money!! Good night everyone it's almost morning already! :)

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