3:47 AM

An off day on a Friday, TGIF really :)

It's been one week at work and I've pretty much familiarized myself with most of the stuff I have to take note of. My colleagues are really nice, most of them are Malaysians but I'm so happy we get along quite well. Choosing to work retail instead of f&b this time round because I just want to try out a new market of a service-oriented job instead of being stuck to stuffing my mouth silly with leftover food from the cafes I work at every time. It's a completely different consumer market here and I get to learn new things too. Honestly, I'm a person who have to work jobs whereby I get to interact with customers, and I feel extremely happy when I manage to do sales/make my customers happy with their purchase. If you put me through an office job and glued to my computer screen everyday, I might die from boredom. Or maybe before I die I would have gone blind from staring at the screen for too long. Plus, I always believe such jobs can wait till I graduate. These part time student jobs are all part of an experience as we grow up.

This summer feels so different from the previous one and all the other long holidays I had. Usually once the holiday starts, my life will be crammed with dance practices and rehearsals for performances and also occasionally working my part time job. This holiday I decided that maybe I should really work a part time job to earn myself some savings for my grad trip. It sucks not being able to dance and definitely feels weird waking up with no muscle aches. Browsing through instagram and seeing Shearites preparing for pre-camp also brings back lots of memories. I was/am never a camp person because I hate awkward ice-breakers, having to act all rah-rah (of course it is okay if I'm in the mood to be really enthu), and worse if I have a shitty OG. So SECC was probably the one and only camp I went and enjoyed (besides OBS in Secondary 3 why do nobody ever believe me when I told them I went for OBS...) So I might just pop by during SECC if I'm not working, since it was through this camp I got to meet the bf I guess it is good to revisit some memories HAHA. Sadly won't be performing for the camp for DanSHers, backed out last minute because ANDance concert falls on the same day and I really, really want to go. I'm so old already and I think I don't know 80% of them but I feel so happy to know that Anderson dance has finally a concert to call our own. (:

I love the time I get to spend at home now, now that my mum isn't working and I no longer feel lonely being at home. Today, I heard her singing to herself while cooking lunch. It was so cute and it really made my day to see her recovering so well. I'm feeling so guilty for not being in SG on Mothers' Day so I'm thinking of making up to her after I get my pay. Asked her why she was singing and she said she was in a good mood, and it makes me think back of how she'd always sing while cooking our meals in the kitchen back when she wasn't working which was more than 10 years ago. Nothing warms my heart more than to see her getting back into good health after all that she's been through, nothing makes me feel more grateful than to see all my loved ones healthy. Am so counting my blessings everyday, I'm a lucky girl :)

Haven't penned down such thoughts in a long while and since I had a surge of such thoughts while showering, I shall quickly pen them down. Gonna hit the sack now and it's the latest I've slept since I started work, and my face can finally take a break today by not having to put on makeup for shoots or work. I love being barefaced!!! Good night all :) Have a great weekend!

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