Bangkok Trip : Accomodation and Eating

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Yay gonna be blogging about my Bangkok trip today!!! Decided to divide my trip into two sections. First will be on accomodation and eating while the second will be on Shopping!!! :)

Here's some trip details! My trip took place last week from 7th to 11th May (Wed-Sun) Went there with a group of secondary school friends since now the guys have ORD-ed and the girls are also having summer! We planned for this trip wayyyyyy in advance like in December/January?!! And because of this trip I decided not to take one of my modules where the exams fall on the 8th May HAHAHAHA Benefits of being in FASS where you get to bid for your own modules. As a result, my exams ended super early and I also moved out of hall earlier than the rest!

I guess because we booked the trip there early, the costs was way cheaper! Air tix + hotel accomodation for 4 nights cost us $290 each! (could have been cheaper, but because me and my other girl friend booked the trip later due to me having to wait for my module bidding results, so we averaged the cost out among all the 8 of us!)

Flew there by Tiger and returned by Scoot (for 3 of us, the other 5 of them took Tiger back on a flight 3 hours before us because 3 of us booked the trip later as mentioned). Was my first time flying by Scoot and omg I think I am going to convert to be a Scoot-er soon!!! I used to fly by Jetstar because Jetstar has less delays and turbulence as compared to Tiger (by my personal experience and opinion) but both of these budget carriers have very little leg space and the seats aren't the most comfortable to speak of. (Of course, for the price I pay, I won't complain! All that matters is a safe flight to and fro to me) But Scoot was so much more spacious, in terms of seat and leg space! The plane was also bigger, with lesser turbulence... I felt safer sitting in the plane HAHA. No wonder so many of my friends have been telling me to fly by Scoot :)

Upon arrival in Bangkok, the group of us headed to the telco counter to get ourselves a temporary sim card (350 Baht for 7 Days usage with unlimited data plan). Well, getting a SIM card isn't compulsory as we can always tap on the Wifi whenever there is but I guess it is still safer to be able to contact your friends anywhere, anytime in case we get lost/in case of emergencies. But of course, since I'm travelling, I hardly use my phone except to check for messages during meal time and to contact my friends about meeting time and point because I'm so scared that someone may rob me of my phone if I were to constantly be holding it in my hands!!! Yes I am timid like that but the last thing I'd want is to lose my valuables on a trip that's supposed to be enjoyable, right?:)

Took their MRT to our hotel area and walked over to our hotel. We stayed at Grand Alpine Hotel located at the Pratunam area, just a few steps aways from Citin Pratunam where lots of Singaporean tourists stay there from what I heard!

Panoramic view of the girls' room. Look at those pink walls! We were happy with how many mirrors they have in the room... 3!!! HAHAHA but the only weird thing about the room is that the basin is located outside of the toilet?! HAHAHA SUPER WEIRD... And the girls room was also bigger than the guys room so... lucky us! Since we shopped like mad and needed the extra space to dump our loots.

On to the food that we ate!

My first meal in Bangkok was at Som Tam Nua, located at the Siam area!

This innocent looking plate of Fried Noodles with Pork Floss IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!! I can finish one whole plate on my own, I swear!

Favourite Tom Yum of all the Tom Yum I drank in Bangkok. I don't really like the Tom Yum with milk, which many stalls in Bangkok sell.

I loved this Mango Smoothie. Can I have some now please!!!! T_T

We had two tables of the same dishes since there were 9 of us. The total bill averaged out to be about SGD$8 per person :) So so reasonable and so yummy!!!

Next, it will be the famous Petchaburi Soi 19  SABx2 WANTON MEE!!!! The highly raved about wanton mee all over social media, was just a 5 minute walk from my hotel! WHEEEE. Opens at 9am and we went there on a Thurs morning at 9am to beat the crowd.

But the serving was puny (quite oily too) Thankfully I'm someone who usually doesn't eat breakfast. Else I might just need to order another bowl man. But this was really the best wanton mee I've eaten!!!

The stall also sells braised pork rice. The braised pork was extremely tender and soft and juicy but am not a fan of the rice and gravy which my friends loved! No photo of it because it didn't catch much of my attention. Was too busy devoting my 100% to my wanton mee LOL

Went back on Sunday morning wanting to eat the wanton mee as our last breakfast in bangkok BUT WTS THE QUEUE WAS SUPER LONG!!!!! I bet it must be Singaporeans, bringing what they do best to another country. -.-" But that didn't stop us from having wanton mee because after all the shopping, when we were heading back to our hotel at around 1pm, the stall was free from queues!!! YAY. But there was no more pig intestines which I've been wanting to try :( But the sadness was overwritten by a LARGE bowl of wanton mee this time. LOLLOL the LARGE bowl (turns out I had the small bowl the first time) was what we deemed "singaporean portion" HAHAHA.

But oops, I didn't take note of the price because my friends paid from our common food fund!


Located at the Thong Lor area near J Avenue, the stretch was filled with many boutique cafes like Mr Jones Orphanage and After You. We had lunch at Roast and I would love it if I could have lunch like that everyday!!! Really really relaxed environment and everyone just seemed to be so ~chill~ and laid back, enjoying their brunch :) Something I really miss doing after chionging for exams for the past one month!

Cafe Mocha (120Baht) - quite pricey/same as SG price but this is really good!
Salmon Rosti (300Baht) - Crispy cooked-to-perfection rosti (my kind of rosti!!) with a generous serving of smoked salmon :) Pretty worth it imo!

Mr Jones Orphanage

Desserts after lunch! hehe the shop at Thong Lor was so much more quaint and vintage and full of flavour than the one at Siam center! It has a mini second floor where we have to crawl through the whole level because the ceiling was so low! Had so much fun with all the teddies around. This is my kind of afternoon tea life -- spent with friends, soft toys and LOTS OF DESSERTS!!! And of course being soooo worry free :)

My soft spot- SOFT TOYS!!!!
We went upstairs because it was much cozier!

Hey there little ones :)

Our desserts without drinks served yet!
One of the many drinks we had - Milk Chocolate :)
And we spent the entire noon chilling away. Look at how low the ceiling was! Was literally crawling around the whole place hahaha.

Just kinda sad that we didn't get to try After You because we were so full after Roast and Mr Jones Orphanage! But I will definitely be back one day to try After You for their Shibuya Honey Toast!!!

Som Boon Seafood

A highly raved about seafood place for being cheap and good. Well, it is quite cheap but the food was quite disappointing!!! Okay the prawn was great, but the crabs were put to such a waste!!! The fried curry crab which they are famous for was so mediocre??? There was nothing special about it at all, there wasn't any curry taste, nor was it spicy! thankfully the Black Pepper one was decent, but I think any zichar store just downstairs of my house can cook it better...

Also, they forgot to serve us our Fish! :( Everything on the menu looks so good prior to us eating it. And for SGD$20-ish per pax, I think I'll rather dine at a Thai restaurant for a good bowl of Tom Yum Goong and Pad Thai instead!

Chatuchak Famous Coconut Ice Cream

So glad I got to eat this! It's really really good and refreshing... plus the vendors give free coconut juice too! The stall is easy to spot, with a long queue and a relatively bigger stall than the rest! Located in front of Section 1 of Chatuchak market and next to the MRT Station :) Not to mention, free toppings!!! My Nata De Coco!! hehe :)

We also ate at this thai place at Chatuchak, but the shop name was all in Thai I have no idea what isit called!!!! But the grilled pork was SOOOOO YUMMY!!!! Their Tom Yum is non-spicy, which was like a gift from heaven for my friends who aren't spicy-takers HAHA. Their seafood salad is not bad too :) But don't drink the chrysanthemum tea, it's just sugar syrup omg! This is like the CCT from Sheares' supper stall but even sweeter LOL

I'm sorry I can't provide you with the address to this place, but there were quite a few other Singaporean diners in this little humble space we were at. Food was affordable and yummy :)

Other food we had but not mentioned / no photos:

Street Food opposite Siam Paragon. Not the famous one but it was still not too bad! Didn't suffer stomachache or diarrhea so it was fine :)
To Try: Fried Rice (friends loved it but I didn't), Tom Yum Goong

Some noodle shop at Union Mall Level 4.(Sorry the shop name was in Thai, and I'm not Thai literate) Basically it's like Tom Yum but you can choose level of spiciness, whether you want it with chicken/pork/seafood and the kind of noodles you want. Lots of Thai locals in the shop but luckily the waiters could understand basic English :)

Crepes! I had mine with Nutella (OMGGGGG) from a crepe stall next to the McDonald's just opposite of Platinum Mall! (For fear that any other ingredient that I order may be interpreted wrongly, "NUTELLA" is universal and can't go wrong HAHAHA) It was crispy and I love crispy crepes! Was kinda messy to eat since it was so crispy the crepe pieces would fall everywhere but nothing goes wrong with nutella and crepe. 60 Baht :) *v*

Mango Sticky Rice! Of course we ate it! But because I'm allergic to condensed milk, I didn't dare to try it because I really didn't want to end up in the hospital in the end HAHA. I'm not sure of the exact address of where we bought our sticky rice from because we blindly followed Mel's dad who brought us to this shop selling the supposed best mango sticky rice in Bangkok. I ate the mango instead and have I ever mentioned that mangoes are my favourite fruit? :) AND ALL THE MANGOES IN BANGKOK ARE JUST SOOOO GOOD!!! *in love*

I also had lots of Auntie Anne's pretzels this trip because it was so cheap in Bangkok! I love Auntie Anne's cinnamon pretzels and I could buy 2 pretzels in Bangkok for the price of 1 pretzel in Singapore. How to resist you tell me.... hahaha I even bought it up to the plane to eat lol although it was more expensive at the airport already...!

So this is it for the eating part of my Bangkok trip and I bet there's so much more yummy food that I haven't try out (partly 'cos some were located near the protest areas) and I will definitely be back there again for the food! I love Thai food so much esp TOM YUM. It's like the love of my life of all food! And here's a tip if you're travelling in groups! We always form a "common food fund" with friends where we all chip in some money to form a big pool of money and we use it to pay for our meals together. It's cheaper this way! :)

Stay tuned for the next post all on SHOPPING! :) (which made up 80% of my trip/ my reason for the trip!)

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