Dance Uncensored 2014

2:28 AM

Finally, finally, I heaved a hugeeee sigh of relief as my biggest commitment to danSHers for the year is over!!! And now that reality has kicked in, my life actually DOES feel like it has 24 hours a day. I hope this feeling lasts till exams are over. Hahaha

Keeping the details short, and the sentimental posts for the day I step down, I shall just share with you guys videos of the items that I was involved in!!! Yay, fruit of the months of hard work put in... Worth all the bruises, lack of sleep and muscle aches!

1) Paces (choreographed by Khaw Xin Lin & Ang Jun Kai, Sheares Hall)
Co-choreographed this item with a friend and it was nothing short of an amazing experience to speak of. Been dancing for the past 14 years and finally got to realize this small little dream of mine/ours to put up a proper item on a proper stage. Been choreographing small items for internal performances like school functions all, and even though this wasn't any big scale concerts or any sorts, it was a venture into something bigger :) Working process was definitely enjoyable to have a working partner who thinks along the same lines, visualize and conceptualize about the same things altogether. The most rewarding part was seeing an item where half the dancers had no prior background in contemporary dance working hard together to make this item belong to them. So thankful for them :)

Video from Day 1 (credits to Sheares Media):

Video from Day 2 (JK's phone!)

(KE7 media! Our item's at 17:13!)

As you can already tell, day 1's lighting was pretty screwed up. So just watch day 2!!

2) Cycles (Choreographed by Kow Xiao Jun, Sheares Hall)
Choreographed by XJ! Loved this piece to bits but I swear this was a piece where you can really dance till you die. So many times during practices I ran low on glucose and wanted to faint and I wasn't the only one. Lol we call this "Dance till you vomit, literally". But everyone in this piece was soooo hardworking! Okay, most :) Felt really bonded as a group and this wasn't an easy piece to pull off, but I'm glad we did on our last show :)

Day 1 by Sheares Media: (screwed up lighting too!!)

Day 2 by KE7 Media from 9:25!!

3)Cinderella (Choreographed by Michaelpone Sufian and Priscilla Ng, Sheares Hall)
Choreographed by Pone and Pris! My first hip hop item everrrr. After being Chinese Dance trained all my life, I'm glad coming into DanSHers has shaped me to become more versatile :) Even more thankful that I was chosen to be Cinderella because it really taught me a lot of new things which I otherwise wouldn't have been able to! This is Sheares Hall's rendition of Cinderella, definitely not the fairy tale you always expect! ;)

Day 1 by Sheares Media
HAHAHA I'm really bad at flower throwing. The bouquet wasn't obedient!!

Day 2 by Ke7 Media from 24:40!!)

the video got cut so you can continue at part 6!

DanSHers also had another item which I wasn't involved in, but I don't have the individual video for that :( Generally all the day 2 videos were muchhh better! More energy, emotions and lighting cues were more accurate.

(photo from nic)
Our DanSHers family, the place where I am most strongly attached to in hall, and definitely can't bear to leave upon graduation :'( One more year.... :( This photo was actl taken after some prep talk before the last show started, was crying till one side of my falsies dropped nout HAHAHA

Stepping down in less than a month's time. It has been a truly rewarding year on so many levels. Taught me so much more things but one thing I'm absolutely certain is this passion for dance never dies, it only burns stronger :)

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