26 more days...

6:27 AM

In another 26 more days, I'd have ended my papers for the academic year and have finished Year 2 as a uni student. (!!!) Time is passing by extremely fast and especially so since I have pretty much decided that I'm not gonna do Honours, it means this time next year I'm graduating already!!!

To think about it, this blog has been with me ever since I was in upper primary and it has documented most of my life as a student. (Even though you can't find them in the Archives tab because it is too embarrassing how I used to type like a twit or the horrors of growing up) I need to really do something meaningful this Summer vacation, the next winter break and for my entire Year 3 life next year to conclude my education journey..!!!

But first, I have to face the pains of finishing a paper, a presentation, a quiz and an assignment all due this coming week. LOL. This post isn't really making a point anywhere, just some random thoughts that came to my mind after pulling an all-nighter at Starbucks again.

It's 6:25am and I finally finished drafting my paper and my drink. Time to head home!!! A new post will be up in a few days time, already have it drafted out :-) HEHE.

Good morning/night!

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