Backlog: Week 9

1:58 AM

Need to be more in track of my own life and not always end up having tonnes of backlogging to do. I'm finally home after not being home last weekend and home just feels so good, especially after a terrible end to the week of having my money stolen.

So over the past week (Week 9 according to NUS Calendars and that's how I track my dates for deadlines haha so pardon me)and a few events took place.

NUS Open Day was on the 15th, and it was also Sheares Open Day! The one big event that ERC has been working for was finally here and I love how Shearites will always come together during Open Day and help out in whichever way they can :) From the booth set ups to our cutest mascot , hall tours and flash mobs, it was a crazy day but I'm glad we gave in our best :)

Our signature orange arc every single year :)
Mascot DaSH getting ready to meet the crowd :)
Oh hi there!!! hehe
Love how DaSH did a twist here HAHAHAHA
Meeting another fellow hall mascot for the first time, DaSH is quite shy! (He used to be the only hall mascot around!!)

At the end of the event everyone was so exhausted I think I just kinda fell asleep on the sofa at the lobby area while waiting for the booth people at Utown to be back in hall. I went to bed at 11pm that night and that was the earliest night I've slept in the entire academic year LOLLOL.

The day after which was a Sunday, was vetting for an upcoming combined halls of residences dance concert and it was crazy as well because dance prac was from 10am to 5pm and then 11pm to 1am. I just felt so much like a zombie but I was glad I manage to take dinner time out to meet the bf for dinner and we went to fix my sashimi craving hehe Thanks for accompanying me for dinner and stuffing me with all the food :) (we went to Xinwang for second round after having Sashimi hahaha) Nothing brings me more comfort than time spent with you and food :)

That was one of the most tiring weekends I ever had for the semester because I always made it a point that no matter how busy I am during the weekdays, weekends are rest days -- for family and myself.

Went out for a quick dinner on Tuesday because it was our 8th :) We're both so so busy with school and all so we decided to head down to somewhere near school but with yummy food :) Went over to W39!

Loveee the interior :) and how it was relatively empty when we went there. Some much needed peace we needed for ourselves :)

He had the Wagyu Beef Burger (which was soooo yummy! I did mention before that I don't really like beef patty but this was so good. It beats the one at GRUB too) 
The pork rack I had which isn't too photogenic but it was SO GOOD. Plus the serving is quite big and the mustard potato salad was so good too!!! 
Sea Salt Caramel Cake. SO YUMS
The ever photogenic rainbow cake. But it didn't taste as good as the sea salt caramel cake

39 Jalan Mas Puteh

On Wednesday, it was hall D&D and this year I finally got to join my block in the themed dressing fun! My block has this culture of *secret* (well, it's kinda sensitive so I shall not mention on a public domain) and this year the girls decided to go dressed in army theme!

Photo credit to Sheares Media :)

No luck at the lucky draw this year :(

Yay it was good being part of the block culture and food was good (think last year where us pageants weren't served food omg so sad) sigh only sad part was I didn't had any luck for the lucky draw :(( HAHA better luck next time!!! At least I've already won a first prize in a hall lucky draw last year :)

Hopped over to Chinatown for some late night supper after D&D while the bulk of people headed to Zouk HAHAHA Food takes priority anytime, anywhere. Had super yummy claypot frog porridge which I haven't had in a while and it was sooooo good. :J

Thankfully Week 9 was a deadline-free week if not I don't think I can ever survive HAHAH. But well Week 10 is coming and I've 2 deadlines to meet. And a whole lot of webcasts to watch. LET'S GO!

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