4:13 AM

It's 4AM and I really can't sleep. I am so excited!!!

I've been telling a few of my friends what's gonna happen later but I'm still feeling extremely excited... and nervous at the same time. I know all this will be worth it. :)

On the other hand, recess week flew by in a blink of an eye and I barely got any studying done. Second half of the semester is now here and this is crazy!!! 4 more weeks to DU and it's really soon before my time as Dance IC ends here... Sometime last week I began feeling extremely emotional about having to put this academic year to an end. 

It has been a truly rewarding one. Rag choreo, dance IC

and all the people and other things that have made me grow into a better dancer in a way or another. Many many decisions to be made and I hope whatever that I've set my mind on for the next year will come true. It's not too long before I go out into the workforce and I'm not really sure if I can dance anymore :( Everytime I think about this, I JUST DON'T WANT TO GRADUATE. I mean I can definitely still dance when I'm working but it won't be the same anymore. :( 

It's really something I don't ever want to stop doing for the rest of my life.
But I also really can't wait to go back to doing Chinese Dance again!

Especially so after watching 2 Chinese Dance concerts over one weekend and when there are friends with you sharing the same passion altogether.

Okay. Stop. These. Sentimental. Thoughts. & LIVE THE PRESENT!!! Really really excited for DU in fact, gonna be the first time I'm doing a proper hiphop item, and also choreo-ing a contemp item with one of the best work partners I have met to date! Such things I am really extremely thankful for. This is why DanSHers will always hold such a big place in my heart. :) It has given me so much more things than I can ever ask for or expect... :')

In a span of 1 month, I turned 21st, didn't hold a party but went to 2 parties of 2 of my closest girlfriends :) Growing up and growing old together with your close friends sounds like such a beautiful idea. I HV SO MANY THINGS TO BLOG ABOUT ACTUALLY I REALLY WISH I HAD MORE TIME. And so many emails to reply and a chunk of questions on So sorry if I haven't been replying!!! But of course pls keep the perverted qns to yourself I won't be replying (anymore) LOL. 


^^ ^^ ^^
:D :D :D

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