My Braces Journey

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The time has finally come for me to be blogging about this!!!:)

After a good 2.5 years aka 912 days, I finally got my braces removed! Well it's Friday now and I got it removed on Monday anyway. To be honest, I was extremely skeptical about getting braces prior to putting it on. Always thought it was extremely expensive and that my teeth didn't have THAT big a problem to start with what.

Like even though my bottom row was overcrowded initially, and had rabbit teeth, and an overbite, I didn't see much of a big deal with putting braces although I really envied friends who had a super straight set of teeth! It wasn't until sometime, probably a month before I got my braces on, my dad asked me to get my teeth "fixed" and he's willing to pay for most of the costs! I got excited then because I wanted to have a day where I can finally take photos on both sides, and not just on the side where my teeth looks straight and nice, like this:


If you haven't noticed the trend, I only like to take photos on one side LOL I know that was really stupid of me to think that way but... Really, putting braces was one of the best choices I made in life!

Got to know of the dental clinic that I've been going to through a friend, it's a private dental clinic and near my house, which makes it extremely convenient! & CONVENIENCE IS REALLY IMPT (to me at least), you'll know why later.

After getting all the check-up, xrays done, the first stage was also the scariest stage... WORST stage of putting braces for me!! Yes, it's EXTRACTION.

This was the day AFTER I extracted my teeth, even though it isn't obvious in this photo. (the others I have are pretty gross HAHA)

Had to extract 4 teeth in total and boy, it was extremely torturous even though I was injected anesthetics, because the dentist said my jaw muscles were too strong and he literally had to shake my whole mouth vigorously before the tooth came off :( I can still remember the pain... Oh the horrors!!! :O Now that's when the importance of convenience comes in.

After extraction, your gum will keep bleeding and you'll have to bite a cotton pad/gauze or whatever. Yet, at the same time the anesthetics effect hasn't really gone off so you'd feel numb in your lips and saliva just keep dripping out HAHAHA (don't judge!!!) So, the best way to get away from looking hideous or having to awkwardly bump into people you know, is to GO HOME QUICKLY!!! Which was what I did, my house was only 10minutes walk away. I remember icing my mouth the entire day because it was so sore.

If there was any stage that could compare in the pain level of extraction, it'll be the "inserting rubber band in between your molars" stage. I really felt so sore I couldn't bite and lost a good 5kg in a span of 2 weeks LOL and I remember it was prelims period back in JC then and everyone thought I lost a lot of weight due to stress. When in fact it was because the rubber band made me feel so sore I couldn't chew and was on liquid diet for 2 weeks! Not complaining though, I LOVE PORRIDGE AND SOUPS hahahah

After going through 2 painful stages, the time has arrived. I was pretty sure nothing else is ever gonna hurt as badly as the extraction and that rubber band shit, and thankfully I was right!!!

3rd September 2011-- Got them braces on!

Look like shit but still want to take selfie because see, I put it to good use by documenting it 2.5 years later HAHA #excuses

I had the Damon braces aka self-ligating braces as opposed to the conventional metal-wire ones. Well they look pretty much the same but Damon braces allows your teeth to move more freely, causes less pain (which was why I hardly experienced problems during the 2.5 years besides occasional ulcers) and takes a shorter time (if I did the normal one, I'd need over 3 years cos my teeth move super slowly!) Either my teeth were extremely strong, or the Damon braces really works its wonders, I could eat normally (I'm a carnivore rmb??) by day 3! I highly believe it's the former though LOL But of course Damon braces are more expensive!

I had a very happy braces journey watching my teeth move and doing all the wonders hehe here's a few photos to document my journey:

This was 1 day after putting my braces, and I already lost about 2kg I think!!

The first few weeks/months of braces!

Oh, how can I ever forget about my favourite rubber band colour --BLUE (in any shades) I think I had them on for all my performances because it's the only colour that looks good.

After 1 year...

Into the second year!

Last few days/weeks in braces

The only problems I had were ulcers. Though I got very few compared to many of my other friends already! & that I couldn't bite off a whole fruit ie apple, pear...

2.5 years later, on 3rd March 2014

A very happy visit to the dentist, got the brackets out in less than 5 minutes, did scaling + polishing, took some models for my retainers and my dentist went through some before and after photos with me :) I don't have the photos with me, but I guess the above should be enough! The entire process was really extremely rewarding!!! I love how properly aligned my teeth is now!

Here's me, my mandatory selfie after removing braces ^^

Just got my set of retainers which will stick with me for life now, and having a fair bit of problem trying to speak properly in it! HEEEELPPPP.

Overall, besides the fact that braces gave me a set of straight teeth and a sharper jaw line, the most important part was it really educated me a lot, A LOT on oral health and hygiene! Prior to putting braces I used to be extremely lazy and will anyhow brush my teeth. But ever since I put on braces, I spend a lot of time brushing my teeth and making sure it's thoroughly clean before I sleep/go out. I'll also go for regular cleaning sessions (ie once every 6 months) which is so important! I'm extremely happy that my braces are off now, though to be honest I do have feelings for my braces!!! Because of how braces have helped to adjust my overbite and hence giving my face a more defined jawline, my friends used to kid by saying that "you do braces like got free plastic surgery also" LOLLOLLOL

A nice smile goes a long way and sets a deep first impression on others.
I'm truly glad I'm blessed with one now.

Thank you papa and mama for sponsoring most of the cost :)

If you're still thinking whether to put braces, I'd say granted with the financial capability to, why not! And those with braces on, IT IS WORTH IT. :)

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