3:19 AM

6 days ago, Adulthood and I became friends. Teenager, out of adolescence, fell out with me.
(but honestly, I don't feel much of a difference...)

Just penning this down quickly because this is like a "life event" right? hahaha Had a wonderful birthday week. Thankful for everyone in my life, especially my boy ^^

Been stuffing myself silly with cupcakes everyday because he baked 21 and attempts to share with people has been pretty much futile. Looks like he sure does want to fatten me up hahaha. I also went on a "hiatus" last week hence everything on social media (besides Instagram?) and school was put aside. Now I am bombarded with 094839573294807852 tasks to complete.

Spending more time in the dance studio more than anywhere else and with anyone else.

Will blog tmr, I have a themed post coming up right next, WAIT FOR IT!!!:)

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