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A fortnight of school has passed and with the start of tutorials next week, here's me bidding goodbye to lazy days spent napping right after seminars/lectures T.T

School has been a manageable thus far, and I've also just spent the entire evening just now watching all the webcasts for some of the lectures I have missed (um, because there's webcast. hahah!) The most tiring and hectic of all since the start of Semester isn't the school work or whatsoever, but because dance pracs now go on full blast!!!

Semester 2 is always a crazily event full (& eventful) one for DanSHers and I've been having dance pracs 5 out of 7 days and just this week alone, as of just now, have spent a good whole 17hours in the studio for the week...! My body is going to shut down soon... Quads, calves, hamstrings, glutes, abs, shoulders, biceps, triceps are ALL aching like crazy! And especially my back hahaha. Not that I am complaining, because at least I know I am doing something I really love and am passionate about!:)

Last week, I got to meet up with B on a mission to shop for CNY, which kind of, failed. We barely bought anything :( But besides that, we had a really hearty dinner at Ah Loy Thai! My virgin trip there, and have to commend that its prices are really pretty reasonable for it being located in the town area? Quality wise, I still prefer Taste of Thailand over in Yishun anytime, anyday!!!

Yummy butter squid!!!
If there's a soup I can't live without, IT MUST BE YOU
Pandan Chicken. Quite yums as well!
A peek at what we had. For 2 girls.
(pardon the terrible photos we were so hungry we didn't have the patience to take nicely HAHAHA)
One of the things I'll do over this weekend is definitely to get a fringe cut. I loooook so restless in my overgrown fringe (couldn't cut it due to some filming for hall publicity earlier) but yay! FINALLY CAN CUT NOW

Had Tom's Palette for dessert after and I love how soooo many ice cream parlours are now coming out with black sesame as a staple ice cream flavour!!! IT IS MY FAVOURITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR!!! Was extremely happy to see black sesame flavour on Tom's Palette menu and I just had to order it! The next day when I visited Creamier, they had Black Sesame too!!!( they didn't have it the previous few times I visited) and I got it again HAHAHAHA.

Speak of my undying love for black sesame ice cream. :-J

That aside... nothing really much happened for the two weeks besides school > dance > collapse on bed > repeat cycle! Going out to shop for CNY clothes again later today and I hope I'll be able to buy something!!! Not really sure what to expect about spending the new year in Singapore. Hopefully I'll be able to bake some CNY goodies over the weekends when I'm home too!:)

(Spent a good whole 10 minutes thinking what to put as title but heck, can't think anymore I AM SO TIRED after dance prac now I am gonna collapse)

Good night!!!

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