Start of Semester 2

5:05 PM

Just finished first day of lessons which only comprised of 1 lecture on a Monday afternoon.... It's really so hard to get back into the schooling mood! Can't believe I'm into the 4th semester of university right now and this semester is going to be so, so crazy! Really praying that this semester will get by fine.

Only the first day into the semester and I can't wait for summer already. WHAT IS THIS. Holidays are just never enough!!!

Also moved back into my favourite place -- my dear hall room on Saturday but there is a serious need to now stock up on food cos my food shelf is completely empty lollollol. CNY is approaching in two weeks time and it's gonna be one of the first few times I'll be spending it in SG and not in Msia. I'll probably rot at home for a few good days.

Out on a Satur-date after moving back into hall. A proper date before one hell of a semester starts! One of the best days I ever had eating lots of yummy food. But it's still truly the company that matters :-)

But I still think the chicken wings I had that day deserve a special mention.

IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!! I know everyone goes to Craft Bakery for their desserts and whats not but the chicken wings was just too damn good. I ordered it out of fun because we were there to fix some truffle fries cravings (ok only.) but it was soooooooo surprisingly good. How can fried chicken wings taste so yummy? (No wonder $9 la HAHAHAH)

Yeah that's all from me for now!!! *thinking about the chicken wings in process*
Till then!:)

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