Countdown x GRUB x Supper at Boon Tat Street

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Currently 8 days into the new year and it has been a really eventful one thus far! Felt like one month's already past but yet it's only a week. This post is like belated cos it's going to be how I spent my 31st Dec and 1st Jan!

Tracking back to the start of the year, had a mini year-end/ countdown gathering over at Melvin's place with the Sec school clique! Had one of the most yummy dinner served ever but we didn't have to go to any restaurants or fight the crowd outside hehe... because chef Mel did all the cooking!!!

Pan seared salmon with Gouda cheese// skin-on mashed potatoes// German bratwurst sausage with cranberry sauce. (don't ask me what vege isit, I wouldn't know HAHA)

The food was totally worth salivating over and nobody has ever doubted the culinary skills of this talented friend of ours since secondary school days...!!! Such lucky friends we are :-) Kia, Quek and I also brought 2 rolls of Maki-san over for sharing hehe yay I love maki-san as well!!! :)

Waited for the time to pass by having a mini movie marathon. Not a movie junkie here myself but so happy to finally watch Frozen!!! :D Like after a million years and after the whole world has caught the movie... IT REALLY IS ONE OF THE BEST DISNEY MOVIES EVER :') The soundtrack was amazing and best part of the whole movie is the story behind it :) It probably is one of the rare Disney princess-y movies that do not display happily ever after with the prince charming, but the true form of love is in kinship :') I LOVE THE MOVIE TO BITS!!!:)

Okay so back to the topic, we managed to catch full sight of fireworks from Mel's place when the clock struck 12! Hehe spent the remaining of the night watching another movie (forgot what isit already), ordering McDelivery, and just chatting till the sun rises hehe.

Barely caught any sleep, only 2 hours before I headed out to meet B for our new year brunch date! We headed to GRUB at Bishan Park for brunch and the queue/waiting time was about 1 hour :( But thankfully there were lots of benches around in the park to chill around so it made the wait a lot more bearable

We were seated at the counter seats indoors but it didn't matter much to us! Because the staff always refilled our glasses of water really quickly since we were right in front of them. Here's what we had:

Mentaiko fries ($9): WE LOVED THIS!!! The thickness of the fries (is it called straight cut fries? I have no idea...) and the mentaiko sauce and the nori seaweed just went so well together! In fact I am glad this is on the menu because it could have possibly just replaced my favourite fries on the list (used to be truffle fries from Habitat Coffee!) They even served us an extra saucer of mentaiko sauce which we couldn't figure out why until... (you'll know why later)

B had the Pork Steak Sandwich ($13) which was really appetizing! Had a small bite into the burger and I love how it doesn't have a strong pork smell :) (I am not very into eating pork you see. I didn't eat pork until start of last year where I began to accept the pork smell)

I had the GRUB cheeseburger ($13) hehe and even though I'm not a fan of beef patties (I prefer beef in the real beef form, not mashed up or whatsoever) But I managed to finish the burger which means it's pretty decent because usually I'll abandon a "bad" burger if the patty tastes too "processed" for me. hehehe. Oh yes, I love the buns of the burgers which were crispy and soft at the same time!

So now do you see the serving of fries that came along with the burgers??? I guess that's what the extra mentaiko sauce was for. FRIES OVERLOAD!!! We couldn't finish all, of course. HAHAHA

We wanted to try the Churros but it was already sold out :( (Thankfully though? because some friends told me the churros is overrated) We had the sticky date pudding with ice cream ($8.50) instead and it was quite a good choice made! hehe

510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, 569983

That kinda summed up my new year brunch at GRUB with B and I must say she makes one of my best foodventures buddy because we always spend within budget given location and food and prior research done. It has never failed!!! Looking forward to more dates with her this year :)

Headed home and knocked out right after cos I was sooo tired. Slept from 230pm- 9pm and rushed out to meet the sec sch clique again as we were heading over to the airport to send Charissa off for exchange!

Now that the guys have ORD-ed (except mel) and ZT gets to drive the car more often at night and his family car is a 7 seater and there are usually 7 of us, roadtrips are a luxury we now get to enjoy!!!

...even though half the time we get lost on the road HAHAHA

We went onto MCE for the first time that night and thankfully the roads were empty but we still kinda got lost. After a few rounds of aimless driving in search of a supper place at midnight, we ended up at Boon Tat st (the street beside Lau Pa Sat) because we saw there were some roadside supper! (think the stalls start setting up in the evening after the road block till 3AM!) Actually neither of us had any idea whether the food was good or whatever location we were at, but we just settled for it anyway. Not much stalls because almost every stall sells satay, satay and more satay HAHA. We had some satays, grilled prawns (this was good!!), nasi goreng and murtabak.

It didn't feel Singapore-ish at all so I guess that was the good part about it. And it was around 230am by then so we were kind of the only people around. Went home with a satisfied tummy after hehe ^^

So that's about it for how I spent my New Year. I was extremely tired by the end of the day but it was a day well spent with some of the favourite ppl in my life ^^

The days following that for the week was spent dancing and some hall stuff! And then falling terribly sick :( And the return of the bf :D hehehee shall blog about all these in the next post.

Till then!

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