Tuesday supper + Strangers' Reunion

1:22 AM

It's the weekends again, and it has been one hell of a hectic week!!!

Btw, as I mentioned in the previous post, I was going out for supper at Swee Choon with my neighbours that night??? LOL All of us completely forgot that Swee Choon is closed on Tuesdays!!! Like, we drove all the way there, all excited to realised that it was closed. 

LOL. PLEASE TELL US WE'RE NOT THE ONLY ONES KKKKK!!!!! The worst part is, it's the second time it has happened to me and raine already... So if you wanna go Swee Choon, please don't go on a Tuesday else you may end up like us... HAHAHA. Will definitely remember that it's closed on Tuesday now (!!!) 

Hence we have to settle for alternative supper venues and it was about 1AM into the night... We ended up at Upper Thomsom (again). Upp Thomsom is like my staple supper place (when I'm not in hall). It was pouring and nothing beats having my favourite bowl of Meng's Ba Chor Mee!!! I can't leave that place without having my BCM fix ^^ Then had another round of supper at Prata Place before heading back to hall! (Dieting is non existent)

In the car while waiting to fetch Jo from his studio
Craving for it again...

I'm so thankful for all my neighbours this year :) They make coming back to hall the most looked forward to activity of the day (besides crashing on my bed) :) :) :) 

On Thursday, I was supposed to have a 9am tutorial and I dragged myself outta bed for it. (Oh yes, I haven't skipped a single lesson this sem without a real valid reason ok!!! Achievement unlocked hehe) But we missed out on the announcement where the prof made that he won't be coming in for tutorial that day and we could use it for our own group project discussions that session... OMGGGGG :'( It was my only lesson for that day so I kinda woke up for nothing.... lol sigh.

But I headed out to meet B for brunch!!! (: Finally met again hehe we had brunch at Strangers' Reunion (: 

With my Scrambled eggs on Ciabatta w tomato relish and sauteed mushrooms! 
(We think the sauteed mushrooms at Forty Hands is nicer though...)
One of the best waffles I've had!!! Could totally understand the rave about it but it's slightly overpriced I feel.
One of my favourite photos thus far ^^

Always loved all the time I get to spend with her!!! And all our foodventures :) Hehe school's been getting pretty crazy for us both hence we might not get to meet as often for the upcoming weeks leading to finals but jiayou us!!! We will definitely conquer school together ^^ (even though we're in diff schools hahaha)

Went for some quick retail therapy before finally settling down to rush my assignment out! And since I was studying in town, I also got to meet Sylvia for dinner! Hehe was such a happy Thursday :') 

Friday, as always have been TGIF. When class ends at 12pm on Friday I'll just make my way back immediately to hall and crash for the whole afternoon before dinner and dance for the night! Been having too many late nights and early morning lessons... I'm becoming overly reliant on coffee. :-O

And even now, it's gonna be a long night ahead of me as I try to finish up some readings.

Fighting xx

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