Temporary freedom : Two modules down!

3:32 AM

Disappeared from this space for slightly over a week because the work load was just plain madness. (okay just realized, maybe I disappeared for two weeks haha)

(packed 64 welfare packs last night for the DanSHers ^^ and the cui face was also a result of not sleeping the past two nights...)

But I'm finally feeling some temporary liberation right now as I bid farewell to two modules for this sem!!! (after a final class quiz on Friday and submission of a term paper just a few hours before!) I have to say the paper submission was such a nightmare. Barely slept for the past 2 nights just trying to rush out the paper, constantly stuck because I had no idea on what the heck to write... till the prof extended the deadline by 24 hours. Phew phew phew.

Can't believe I survived all the 13 deadlines. I thought the end of the deadlines would also be my deadline... HAHA.

What could be better to start off a Monday (definitely no Monday Blues) when I've no school and I rewarded myself with good food and shopped a little!!!

Tried Marutama Ramen today:

Have been craving for ramen since a week ago and yay craving satisfied hence I'm not complaining. Was a decent bowl of ramen and I finished everything in the bowl :) (as though I've been out of civilisation...) Not the most appetizing photo you get, but wait till you see what follows...

Finally got to try the Shiok!!! Maki at Koh Grill and Sushi Bar!!!
*went to heaven* and feel like going back there again. It's so highly raved about, I was kinda scared that I might have too high hopes for it. Plus I'm not a fan of makis (except maki-san cos I get to customize my own maki roll) but this fits my appetite as I simply devoured everything... Okay lah I mean half-half with my friend. HAHA

Looking at the photo makes my stomach growl. At 3:04AM in the morning. Argh :(

This is probably the most eventful day considering for the past few weeks my life was just "okay report due tmr chiong-wa paper due two days later no need sleep- wa presentation same day as my paper die" HAHAHA my hall room is at its worst state now even I question whether it's for humans....Will pack tomorrow. HAHAHA.

Last week of school for the Semester already. Been the fastest sem out of all 3 thus far. :O :O :O

Btw, I dyed my hair just now too!!! (As you can see, I have clearly lost my senses after clearing 2 modules...) But the result ain't too obvious, gonna wait a few days and see how. If it shows, I'll put the photo up here.
From some pre-exam welfare supper in hall last week. GONNA BE A DEAN'S LISTER (in this photo only)

Good night!

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