3:17 PM

Okayyy so this afternoon my friends told me about my post on my hc life appearing on HWZ forums and people are talking about my family background.

I understand that my surname isn't very common in Singapore but that doesn't mean that I am related to any minister in any way. LOL. Anyway! The post is dated back in 2012 and it's already May 2013 now.

I have happily moved on with life and am doing well in all aspects now! Thanks all for the concerns if any and I just have to say whatever I posted is true to personal experience and well, I very much do not speak for the experiences of everyone. Like I said, there're definitely people who benefited a hell lot out of the education system there.

So, the main point of this post is still to say, I am not related to any minister of same surname! Thanks (:

Update at 8:46PM:
I did not "self submit" an article to The Real Singapore (since some of my friends asked why was my facebook profile pic doing there LOL-.- and just in case) and also, if you have read the original post, that definitely wasn't the title that I had. Okay bye moving on with my life!

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