A fulfilling February

8:48 PM

It's March already but it feels like I just blogged a few days ago! It's either I'm slow or time is passing too quickly. I believe it's the latter!

But within the past 2-3 weeks too many things have taken place! Was probably the most tedious period of my year 1 life in hall but I felt really accomplished at the end of the day (ie today LOL) Firstly, there was Sheares Production which is a drama play put up by our hall on the 15th and 16th February @ ACJC Theatre!

(It was bump in day and we were bored waiting for our briefing to start lol)

It was pretty much an experience since I've been part of many dance productions over the years and this time I finally got to experience a theatre production! Certainly more familiar to me than say, sports or something! Talk about lightings, props, sets, tickets, makeup, stage and all. Can't remember when was the last time I actually sat through a drama production, probably Dramafeste back in JC? Yes I think so. Was in charge of ticketing and it wasn't an easy job as one would have thought it would be. (yknow, people always think it's just printing and selling tickets and that's it lol) Nevertheless, I learned something new from joining SP and also manage to meet new people and work with them :)

And so, the week right after SP, it was Chingay! (on a thurs-sat AGAIN) I missed so many lessons those two weeks I almost died catching up after that! Not my first time at Chingay but a first time being a Chingay choreo! It is really a CCA in hall I never regretted joining because 1) I am definitely a sports idiot/ culturally inclined 2) It is dance afterall 3) Awesome people I got to work with!

The 7 of us started working on the choreo since October last year and it was really the best moment when we saw them present it at Chingay on those 2 days! Along the way we did meet with problems too -- Attendance, schedule clashes and all but we still overcome it all! Really glad to have been able to work with my fellow choreos and Chingay comm and of course all the dancers! Especially fellow hall mates who took the time and effort to come down for most of the practices, it really means a lot to us (:

With the SHHK sunday class ppl ^^
Guys will always be guys! Lol..

I'd say it's really one of my best year 1 memory in hall so far (: Probably it being something I really enjoy doing and the people doing it with me make it even more enjoyable! (:

Then came recess week which was spent clearing sleep debt, catching up with work and spending time at home! Spending time at home over the past three weeks have become so precious to me since both SP and Chingay falls on a weekend so I'd usually head back to hall after that! (transport provided what #lazy #excuses) Extremely thankful I do not have any midterms this week, and the only mid terms I have is on week9!

But still, this week was just equally tiring spent with minimal sleep and too much work to be done. You see, if there's a synonym for hall life, it probably is no life (outside of hall) during weekdays LOL. There was D&D pre-event which just took place yesterday and we had to come up with an item during the wee hours of the night for the 2 nights prior to the event! & things only get worse when I have two assignments due today and I'M HERE BECAUSE I AM FINALLY DONE W THEM.

Finally some time to just sit down and chillax for a bit so well, might as well be a bit more hardworking and blog about everything that has been happening!

February was short but definitely fulfilling for me! Even though there were a few hiccups along the way, events that were emotionally draining, but I believe that everything will just work its way out in the end. Optimism is the way to go, isn't it?:)

Looking forward to the weekends, which is actually right now ;-) Have a good weekend everybody!

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