JILL STUART Beauty - now launched in Singapore!

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There are many factors that influence my decision when purchasing a new item, be it fashion, beauty or even household items. And let's be frank, packaging is definitely one of the factors I'd take into consideration when trying to make a decision. What's more if the packaging is extremely pretty, cute and sweet at the same time? Yeah, there you have it -- BUY IT ;)

JILL STUART Beauty is a luxury cosmetics brand that is a collaboration between American designer Jill Stuart and the KOSE corporation. The brand targets the "innocent sexy" women in their 20s (*raises hand!*), aiming to add that touch of playfulness on top of its sweet image.

I was so, so happy when I heard that the brand was finally coming to Singapore, and I managed to get my hands on 4 of the Lip Blossom products, all of which are available on Sephora ION Orchard and Sephora Online!

From left to right: Cherry Blossom, Pink Lily, Dahlia Rouge, Mimosa Shower (pls correct if I got the shades wrong!)

Oh. my. gosh.

Let us just take a few moments to marvel at how gorgeous the packaging is alright??? To be honest, when I first took the lipsticks out the sweet pink boxes they came in, I felt like that princess dream that we all had when we were a little girl came true LOL. These lipsticks probably are what we dreamt of having when we were much younger, except that now we can really have it :O How brilliant!

The packaging of the lipsticks are meant to look like a bouquet of flowers, sealed and accented together with a Swarovski rhinestone in the middle. To bring functionality and portability to a new level, there is also an in-built mirror attached on the cap of the lipstick, making lipstick application and touch ups on the go extremely fuss free!

Swatches on my arm are (from left to right): Dahlia Rouge, Cherry Blossom, Mimosa Shower and Pink Lily. As you can tell from the swatches, the lipsticks are VERY moisturizing and lightweight in formula. They are so moisturizing and easy to glide on because of their ingredients - rosemary extract, lavender oil and avocado oil - all of which are known to provide moisture and nourishment for our skin. In fact, when I applied Lip Blossoms on my lips, they gave off a slightly glossy (definitely not greasy, as with a lot of lipsticks with a shimmery finish) finish, giving my dry lips a healthy shine and reduced the appearance of chapped lines.

Pigmentation wise, I'd say the color payoff is pretty good. But as the lipstick has a slightly sheer and glossy finish, you might want to reach out for the darker shades for a good color payoff if you have  tanner skin tone like me! :)

Personally, my favourite out of the 4 I tried was Mimosa Shower, which came as a surprise for me. I have naturally dull lips and I am tanned so when I first opened this, I was pretty sure I won't be able to pull it off. Well, that's kindaaaaa true because it was indeed too light on me, but I loved how beautifully it worked as a lipstick topper! Definitely something I will keep using again and again~

(wearing Dahlia Rough & Mimosa Showers here)

JILL STUART Beauty is available at Sephora ION Orchard and also on Sephora's online website. They are very high in demand and some of the lipsticks were OOS for a period, but they are now restocked! The lipsticks are retailing at SGD 38.00. Don't forget to check it out, you'll definitely be in for a treat!

Xin Lin

Note: This post is in collaboration with JILL STUART Beauty, all opinions are my own.

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