Style up your camera with Olympus Fashion Accessories

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Holla everyone!

Today I'm back here to feature something for a product I use on an everyday basis...which is my camera!!! :) Being a full time blogger, how can I not have a camera with me to capture all the product shots, travel photos and OOTDs, right? Some of you would already know that I have been using the Olympus PEN E-PL7 since last year (which I bought with my own money btw) and it is definitely to my delight that I'm getting to work with the Olympus team this year!

Pretty sure that many of the current users of the Olympus PEN series (and even some of the O-MD crowd) love this camera for how beautifully vintage looking and compact it is, and also for the fact that we can change the lenses to suit our different photography needs (tech specs aside).

Olympus recently launched a range of fashion accessories to style and match with your fashion preferences and personality and oh myyyyy was I happy to hear about it!

There are 3 different collections -- designer, style and leather and what I have with me is the leather collection. Definitely something that speaks of class, timelessness and full of versatility to mix with any outfit or style you're going for!

Just look at the hand straps, you can basically use one for each season!

For my everyday look, I went for the safe and universal color choice of just nude, which compliments the brown Olympus PEN E-PL8 so well to bring out the entire vintage feel! So yes, if you're wondering... I'm using both my E-PL7 and E-PL8 (on loan to me) at the same time and I travel with 2 cameras most of the time just so I won't run out of battery and memory space HAHAHA. They're really compact and pretty light anyway ;) Of course, I'm in love with the brown version of the E-PL8 for how classic and vintage it looks! 

The Leather Shoulder Bag in Just Nude is needless to say, versatile and really goes with any outfit, be it casual or dressy! Even with loud prints like what I was wearing above, the shoulder bag complemented the jumpsuit very well and we all know, shoulder bags like this hardly ever go wrong ;)

Opening up the shoulder bag, is sufficient space for one camera and up to 2 lenses! Or perhaps if you're wearing this out, 1 camera (size comparable to the E-PL 8) with lens, a phone and a small wallet! You can compartmentalize the shoulder bag as well using the adhesive (velcro) divider if you're afraid of accidentally scratching your camera with other items inside.

With that, I'd say we can finally say goodbye to boring camera straps and here's to endless fun styling up your camera with the Olympus Fashion Accessories! The Olympus Fashion Accessories are available in selected Best Denki, Harvey Norman stores and . 

With Love, 
Xin Lin

Note: This post is in collaboration with Olympus Imaging Singapore, all opinions are my own. Photos are shot using Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera body, 45mm f1.7 lens.

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