LG Gram 13 -- My laptop is the lightest in the world?!

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Hello everyone! I'm back here today with yet another blog post... (wah, is it I am more active on my blog than dayre now LOL) If you all have been following my posts on my Instagram, you'd have noticed some of my postings for a new laptop that I got recently -- the LG Gram 13!

The generous team behind LG sent me their new award winning laptop, at a very opportune time, right when my 4 year old laptop was struggling to survive. Being a windows user, I'm very familiar with the system interface so there wasn't that whole struggle of adjusting to a new computer system for me. 

Now, what got me completely sold off to this laptop was definitely the fact that it weighs only 800 grammes!!! This easily makes it the one of the lightest 13.3 inch laptop in the world so far, and it definitely made carrying my laptop out almost every other day to work on the go so much easier. (The lightest being the 14" and 15" variant)

If you know me, you'd know I carry enough things out in a day to survive if I ever run away from home, LOL So being able to lighten the load I carry with me everyday is really such a gift! My shoulders and neck are finally pleased to hear this piece of news, and this is also definitely a piece of great news to students who lug your laptop with you to school every single day to the lecture hall. I totally understand your pain because I've once been there as well :/

Although it is extremely light, I've used it for close to 3 months now and I can assure you that its functions aren't compromised the least bit at all. Possibly the main reason why this laptop is lighter than the rest is because of the material used to make the body frame of the laptop -- nano carbon and easily formable magnesium -- materials commonly used in electric cars. 

But anyway, really, I use this everyday and I can't see in which ways do the functions of this laptop lose out to its competitors. Oh, maybe the fact that most laptops now in the same price range has touch screen function but this doesn't? My previous laptop was touchscreen and could be folded into a tablet as well -- which I thought let it had an edge over others in the same price range. So this was something I wish my LG Gram had, but then again I never really used my laptop in the tablet form for the 4 years I had it so... HAHA maybe just the touch screen part will be great? :D

Battery life wise, all is great and can lasts around 10 hours with a single full charge. This includes occasional usage of the internet, editing photos on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and ordinary tasks like using Microsoft Word. If you're gonna be using it on programs that has a high battery consumption rate like video editing, one full charge can last around 5-6 hours from my personal experience!

And yes, the fact that I can run Adobe lightroom and premiere pro on this laptop speaks one thing -- it has an (up to) 8GB RAM. Some models of laptops running on a 4GB RAM will have your Adobe programs lagging or crashing very frequently, or it may just not run at all XD

For my laptop, it runs on a 7th Generation Intel i7 processor, Hi-Fi audio and sound system, SSD 256GB Storage and a full HD resolution IPS Display. So there's really nothing much to complain about because my old laptop had a shitty sound system that broke down within 1 year of usage HAHAHA.

For those concerned with the ports of the laptop, here's what you get!

There are 2 USB 3.0 ports (1 on each side, so I can connect one for my mouse and 1 for other devices), a USB-C port (yay so I can connect my Android phone! and this also means you can transfer and view your 4K videos!!) and a standard HDMI port for convenience when you're a uni student and you need to do your presentations ;)

The backlit keyboard is great for dim light conditions or when I need to do work on board a flight at night without having to disturb the people around me! My one and only gripe with the ports is the fact that they use a micro-sd reader instead of a SD reader! Like that how I transfer my photos from my camera??? LOL T.T In the end, I solved the issue by getting a card reader but this just means... that port is useless to me LOL.

The laptop comes in dark grey-- a unisex and pretty professional look. I heard there is also a white variant of the same laptop but doubt it is currently available in the Singapore market. At a retail price of $2,199 for the i7 processor and $1,899 for the i5 processor, I would say this is worth a buy if you're someone who carries your laptop with you to work or school every single day and you use your laptop for the same functions like I do (photo and video editing, watching videos and shows, and of course work!). However, I'd also think it'd be even more worth the bang for the buck if it was touchscreen, but that's just my personal opinion :P 

I still love my laptop, and that's why I've been blogging more often lately! ;)

With love, 
Xin Lin

Note: Laptop was sponsored, but all opinions are strictly my own.

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