Review: Graduation Portrait Shoot with Werkz Photography

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One of the questions your parents will bug you with, besides "Have you gotten a job?", post graduation is probably "Have you bought the family portrait package alr?" / "When are we going to take the family portrait?" , and this is especially so if you're the youngest in the family. I went through that exact same phase and tried to find reviews for photography studios but they were so limited and outdated!!!


It was so hard to come to a decision which photography studio to use because the most common one around, my family has tried before and the quality wasn't fantastic. I'm not gonna spend hundreds of dollars on a sub par quality family portrait for sure... So I put that thought of taking the family portrait on hold for awhile, and completely forgot about it until Werkz Photography Studio contacted me!

After liasing for a few months, we finally came to an arrangement we were happy with and also got my family down to their studio located at Ubi Avenue 2 for the shoot! So yes, this is a partial collaboration with them, and I got their service at a rather good discount but I still did pay a good portion of it. This review is here so that all of you who are hoping to read some updated review of Werkz / photography studio services for family portraits in 2017, you can have it and I hope it will help you guys to make a more informed decision to spend your money on!

Werkz Photography Studio is located in the Ubi Industrial Area, holding on to an office space in the building. My family visited on a weekend (yes they have weekend slots!) and we had no trouble finding parking within the building itself. The carpark ends at level 4 and Werkz is at level 5, so you can just take the lift up.

Upon arrival,  I was rather surprised to see the studio being empty (on a weekend!) and only the staff were there to greet us. Later, I found out that they only attend to one family per 2 hour session which I thought was a super huge plus point on its own! Personally, I would love to have my family portrait taken in a more private session, just so that everyone can be comfortable and we also won't face the issue of potential rowdiness. This is also good if you have a huge family and you wanna bring everyone down to take the portrait!

A spacious reception area with a resting area, open racks of graduation robes, a main photo studio and 3 changing rooms. A homely environment with nothing too fanciful, but has everything you'd need to feel comfortable for your 2 hours there.

We brought along our own graduation robes but the staff still lent us their fresh and clean ones :P (subjected to availability) There are also suits so if your dad doesn't have one, no worries about that!
 There are 3 main backdrops for you to choose from for your family portrait -- brown, grey and blue. You can choose to try out these different color backdrops and then later on pick which one you like best. (There are no fanciful themed backdrops for the family ones though!)

For the individual one, they had a mini corner with that popular Asian scholarly looking bookshelf that your parents will be very pleased to see you in a portrait with, so yeah I went for that HAHAHA. They also had scrolls and graduation bears available as some props, so of course I went for the bear HAHA.

The whole process was pretty prompt and we (family of 4) were done within an hour. The staff would then process and print out 4R digital copies of the portraits you took (6 best shots) and let you take your pick from there :) 

Because I went during the peak period as well, I have a waiting period of about 3 months for my portraits to be printed. So yeah, no special treatment if you guys are wondering HAHAHA.
I'll update more after I get my printed copy from them to review on the quality, collection process etc but so far, I have really quite enjoyed the service they provided!:) I am also in the midst of working out a discount code for you guys so do stay tuned as I'll be periodically adding updates to this post!:)

With love, 
Xin Lin

PS: This is a partial collaboration with Werkz Photography Studio, all opinions are my own.

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