Make Up Must Have: Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner & Mascaras

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No eye makeup look is ever complete without good eyeliner, true or false?

Totally true for me! I can do away with eyeshadows, primers and what not, but the eyeliner is a must for me when doing eye makeup. I'm not too sure what's your favourite kind of eyeliner, but for me, I only like to use liquid brush eyeliners. There are of course, tons of them in the market, but the ones by Heroine Make really does stand out among the crowd quite a fair bit, and it is of no surprise to many of the beauty junkies I'm sure :)

The Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner comes in both Black & Bitter Brown shades, with the latter being my preferred shade since I tend to go for the more natural make up look :) 

The liquid brush liners glide on really easily and smoothly on your lids due to its ultra-fine brush tip. 

Besides the slim tip and smooth application, the smooth liquid eyeliner also has a hyper-durable, waterproof formula that makes it not only waterproof, but also tear and sebum resistant. This is really important for me because I tend to get oily lids. Being sebum proof means my eyeliner is more durable and can last throughout the day without any smudges or needs any touch ups at all! ^^ 

Here's one without any eye make up, before putting the Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner to the test and to show you all why this is one of my all time favourite eyeliner T.T

The ultra thin brush makes it easy to tight-line and create a winged tip, and I'm gonna show you guys how!

Using the Bitter Brown eyeliner,  I created a droopy, natural look by drawing a thin layer of eyeliner across my upper lid, aka the "Korean" look! And with the Black eyeliner, I went bolder in strokes and created a winged tip. The tip of the brush was fine enough for me to also line my lower lash line for a full on pigmented bold eye makeup.

Surprisingly, I really liked the bold look created with the black eyeliner! Not my usual make up style, but in later photos you'll see why :O

Next up, it has gotta be the holy grail item from Heroine Make itself that everyone will hands down agree with me, and it's their mascara!!! I do not usually use mascara because removing them is really a hassle, but when I do, there are less than a handful of brands I use and Heroine Make is one of them I live by. It works, and is affordable and readily available in most drugstores! The formula is really pretty amazing too.

To test its waterproof ability, I sprayed some facial mist over my eye makeup and you can see how well the eyeliner hold itself together! Smudging is very, very minimal, almost non-existent and I've tried and tested this for myself for the couple of years I've used this product. Really highly, highly recommended!!!

Spoon type brush of the Volume & Curl Advanced Film mascara helps to hold lots of product in the deep pockets. The wavy bristles help to remove mascara clumps to keep lashes pretty, even with multiple coats.

The new Advanced Film mascara has all the properties of its predecessors worth raving about -- waterproof, smudge-proof and now, it can also be readily removed with just our usual facial cleansers!!! Idk how they even do it because this remains the wonders of this mascara that will keep me loyal to this product forever and ever LOL. 

This is after 2 thin layers of mascara coated over (I used the black one since I was working with the black eyeliner look on my right eye) and you can really see a significant difference in the volume of my eyelashes! I have super thin eyelashes that always droops down so it is hard for my lashes to hold its curl if the formula is too heavy.

But thankfully, the Volume & Curl Advanced Film mascara hold its curl quite well and doesn't clump together or smudge at all!!

My eyelashes are really super thin so it is very tough trying to capture them in photos unless in close ups like some of the above pic! But here's me dividing my face into 2 different make up looks, both created using the same 2 products (eyeliner and mascara) from Heroine Make by using the 2 different shades available!

I'm all for the everyday look on the right that I wear almost daily, but seeing this comparison photo... maybe I should switch to the bold look?! MY FACE LOOKS SO MUCH SLIMMER NO???? HAHAHA

Oh yes, another make up item that I got newly acquainted with is their mascara remover!!! Say whuuuut, ikr such a genius product really! No need to pour tons of product and make our eyes oily or sting just from trying to remove mascara :O

The Speedy Mascara Remover instantly removes strong mascara and no rubbing is needed! Just apply the remover by combing through your lashes and wipe off with cotton pad. I tried for myself and the formula is really great -- very gentle, doesn't sting the eye, not oily, removes thoroughly and apparently also comes with eyelash care ingredients! Really good for traveling I'd say, if you don't wanna pack a separate eye makeup remover... this would totally do the job!

The mentioned Heroine Make products are available at all leading drugstores Watsons, Sasa, major cosmetics and department stores in Singapore.

Xin Lin

This post is in collaboration with Heroine Make, all opinions are my own.

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