Travelogue: Island Hopping in Fiji

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Having previously written briefly about flying with Fiji Airways to Fiji for the first time ever, it's time to share a little more about this country made up of over 100 islands! There's really nothing better than to island hop in Fiji, where different islands exude its own flavour, style and culture. In my short span of stay there, of course I couldn't visit all that there is to offer on Fiji itself, but I shall just share some of the more prominent islands that I've visited and remembered even up till now!

 Likuliku Lagoon Resort

The main "attraction" of Malolo Island is none other than Likuliku Lagoon Resort, which, when approaching from far, already got all of us "wow-ing" over how pretty the place is.

 Note: All photos are unedited.

"Likuliku" means calm waters, which is no wonder why and how this name came about. Just look at how clear the water is!!!

Likuliku Lagoon Resort is definitely the best place to be in for a luxurious getaway away from all worries in the entire world and just spending the days with your other half enjoying the sea breeze, do some water sport and spending a romantic honeymoon here.

When the swimming pool, the sea and the sky joins...

It is also the first and only resort in Fiji with over water bures!
Glass flooring in the resort room!

It was also here that I attempted to conquer my fear for water and got into the azure clear blue waters to snorkel! Well, or tried to snorkel for that matter of fact hehe. The waters were really calm and clear. Other water sport activities here also include stand up paddling, kayaking and others :)

If water activities isn't meant for you, they also conduct nature tours.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort was probably one of the main highlight of our trip because it is really SO BEAUTIFUL and just...a world of its own.

Not to forget, Fijians are the friendliest and one of the most passionate people I've ever met. And almost everyone can sing!!! 

Castaway Island

A warm welcome for all guests onto Castaway Island!

Does the name "Castaway" ring a bell to any of you guys? Yes... Castaway Island is where the movie "Castaway" starring Tom Hanks was filmed in 2000! Now the island has developed itself with family oriented resort space, a nice restaurant and of course, water sport activities!

Sea view from the resort
The main bedroom space of one of their newly refurbished resort rooms

My favourite part of the island was its sandy white beaches and the calm waters... Really I could sit here all day with a book and a juice/coffee soaking in more vitamin D than I ever should hahaha

Cloud 9

Technically Cloud 9 isn't an island at all but a 2 storey floating lounge bar and restaurant off Malolo Island, about half an hour boat ride away from Nadi!

Sun protection is a MUST on the sunny islands here... ft my fav non tinted IDS sunscreen

However, Cloud 9 is a really popular tourist destination and its water is really emerald blue and snorkeling is an activity you mustn't miss out on here!!! For the water scaredy cat me, I just lounged around the top deck of Cloud 9, snapped some really nice photos and had pizza!

It can get really crowded though, and access to Cloud 9 is only available through scheduled boat rides, so the best is to go there early and chope a good sunbed and relax the day away!:)

Hope that you guys have enjoyed this little sharing from me and if you guys ever head to Fiji one day, don't forget to check these islands out!

Xin Lin

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