Travelogue: Finding my Sparkling Beauty at Laneige Beauty Camp 2016

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Earlier on last month, I was lucky enough to be able to go on a beauty junket with Laneige for their annual Global Beauty Camp held in Seoul. It was my third trip to the city and every trip, I'm still experiencing new things which is pretty amazing. It was a 3D2N Beauty Camp themed "Find Your Sparkling Beauty" with activities lined up for us such as color consulting, styling and makeover as well as knowing more about the brand and its products.

We were hosted at JW Marriot Dongdaemun Hotel and it is located right next to Dongdaemun station Exit 8, a walking distance to the shopping district & Dongdaemun History and Culture Park subway.

The stay itself, was of course, more than satisfactory with impeccable service, both from the Laneige team with their daily pampering and the hotel staff itself :)

My huge room at JW Marriot hotel, DDM. Could really spend an entire day inside here without doing anything lol!

A surprise starter pack lovingly prepared for us!
We landed in the morning and reached the hotel for check in at around 10:30 AM. A quick wash up and settling down into our rooms before we had lunch at Tavolo 24, the main dining area at JW Marriot DDM.

Tried Phad Thai -- weird choice since I'm in Korea I know. But the thought of mountains of vegetables in my Bibimbap puts me off :(

That said, the Dolsot Bibimbap looks really delicious and everyone who had it were full of compliments for it.

First event line up to the camp -- we had a mini networking session that was pretty intimate since we were broken into groups so it was easier to interact and get to know each other. We got introduced to the other KOLs from other Asian countries which was pretty interesting because I don't really follow many overseas personalities on social media platforms but now, I do after knowing some of them hahaha.

Gala Welcome Dinner
This roasted hanwoo beef sirloin was SO GOOD. One of the best beef sirloin I've ever eaten!
With the special guest appearance of...

Laneige ambassador aka everyone's goddess SONG HYE KYO!!!!!!!!
Honestly we weren't expecting to meet her at all! Super duper starstruck oh gosh... could hear squeals of excitement throughout the entire function hall HAHA

We received a little surprise when we returned to our rooms because the team kindly prepared/gifted us the new (upcoming) Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask!!! Felt so pampered the entire trip because the hospitality was just 100/100 definitely. The Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask is said to be an improved version to the Firming Sleeping Mask and it is said to be able to help with lifting properties on top of firming itself. I haven't got the chance to try this yet as I am still waiting for my Water Sleeping Bank to finish first!

Started off Day 2 to a glorious breakfast buffet at Tavolo 24 again!

And off we went, to the Laneige Road Shop in Myeongdong! Their flagship store is currently under renovation hence we visited the road shop instead. The term "road shop" sounded so foreign to us but I later figured out it kinda meant boutique or concept store.

We were given some gift vouchers to spend here so I grabbed a few of my favourites and helped my friends buy some stuff. My favourite, favourite item from Laneige is actually their Water Science Mist in 01 Soothing. It is soooo good although it is quite pricey for a mist. But it really does soothes my skin!

This Japchae is EVERYTHING!!! Would totally go back just to eat this LOL

Lunch was hosted at Gogung and we tried the Dolsot Bibimbap. This time round, I couldn't escape anymore because there was only one option for us so I actually picked out all the veges. By the time I was done, there was almost only rice left LOL. BUT their banchan and seafood pancake here is super nice! I loveeeee it.

Photo by Laneige KR

Our second activity for the day was actually my favourite the entire trip, and that was a color consulting session, as well as a styling class according to the style and color theme chosen for us! Here, we received a super personalized color consulting session for us to know whether we were cool/warm tone and according to each skin tone, we'd be styled w an outfit accordingly!

It was super educational and informational for everyone of us there because when do you usually get the chance to get someone seat you down and run through a thorough analysis of what suits you best and what doesn't? Most of the time, us ladies are just like, "oh this color is in trend. BUY", but when we actually put it on, we look so different from how the poster girl or ad portrayed it. For one, most of us thought we are all warm toned but turns out to be otherwise!

Personally, I always wondered what's my true skin tone... Because being tanned like me easily misleads to people thinking that I am warm toned!!! In fact, way too many hairstylists and make up artists that I've worked with have thought that I'm warm tone. You know how we always do those checklist to see if we're warm or cool tone... I always have mixed scores LOL
Photo by Laneige KR

Indeed, at the end of the color consulting session, it was concluded that I have a neutral undertone that gears towards cool tone. meaning something like 60% cool 40% warm. Maybe this is proportionate to how I am as a human being as well LOL....

This was the hair color chart given to me displaying the shades of colours that would go best with my skin tone!

Sorry guys, I forgot to rotate the images LOL

My "ideal" color palette that is most suitable for my skin under the cool skin tone! WHEWWW All my fav colours actually!!:)

2nd most "ideal" colour palette under the warm tone.

Styling session!

Lucky me/us, we got to be styled by the ever friendly, professional and reknown stylist Hye Yeon Han :)
We had a free night that night so we all headed out to Hongdae for chimaek plus some shopping that night! Was so tired but felt so good to be roaming hongdae again and having chimaek :))

We started our day pretty early on Day 3, also the last day of the Laneige Global Beauty Camp. We were divided into our style groups so the entire day's schedule was on rotation basis. Thankfully, I had a fellow Singaporean friend w me (for this trip, they also sent 2 customers to the beauty junket w us and it made everything so much more lighthearted and fun!) :)

Started off the day with a candle making session where we made our candles from scratch. Our candle designs were based on the popular and one of Laneige's best selling products-- the Two Tone lip bars! Most went for Juicy Pop for the pop in colours, but I went with Maxi Red, my all time favourite two tone lip product from Laneige and use quite frequently.

My Maxi Reds ~

Afterwards, was our "makeover" and photoshoot session! I learnt so much watching them do my make up and was super in awe with the Korean MUA makeup skills. They're seriously so, so good. I'm hardly ever satisfied with MUA working on my face but this, EXTREMELY AMAZED :O

They didn't even use concealor!!! And they went really light on the BB Cushion base as well, which brings us to the importance of using the CORRECT shade for your skin. Many times, MUA tend to use an overly warm tone on my face, resulting me looking yellowish and brown on screen/set.

This was the part that took me by surprise/slight shock LOL The MUA heated up the ends of a satay stick and held it against my eyelashes/freshly coated mascara to help "set" the curls. Wasn't expecting at all but the result was super natural and curled lashes!

I secretly watched my makeup being done and took a mental note of some steps I could take. If only I can draw my eyebrows as nice?!

Both the MUA and hairstylists were extremely adorable people. We had a language barrier but that didn't deter us from communication entirely. It was nice that both parties could still convey to each other what we want well and everyone is pleased with the makeover final look!

Photoshoot time.

To be honest, I love this outfit and look so much but it isn't something I'll ever wear in Singapore. It's too cheerful, loud and playful and I'm not that confident of pulling off something like that back home. In Singapore, I like to go for very muted colours, very basic design dressed for comfort. haha

To end off our beauty camp, we had a farewell party held at D'Bridge. It was my first time stepping foot into a pub/bar/club place in Seoul and the place was really very pretty! The set up and planning was really well done and amidst getting photos taken with our own country representatives and the new friends we've made from overseas, we were then greeted by...

Song Jae Rim!

Ok tbh I am not a K-fan so Idk who is he prior but ok he isn't too bad looking!

And then we were greeted by the presence of Lee Sung Kyung!

Now, her presence got everyone hyped up and many of us turned into instant fangirls. She's really tall and so poise and elegant... Even in heels, I was still a head shorter than her!

With the party coming to an end, it was also the end of the 3D2N Laneige Global Beauty Camp. In the short span of 4 days there, I managed to learn so much more about the brand, as well as about myself. We also manage to have our fair share of fun from our nights out to Lotte Mart, Hongdae and Dongdaemun. It was really a very enjoyable trip and I can't thank Laneige Singapore enough for this for the wonderful experience!

If you're interested on my on-the-go updates for this trip, you can read it on my Dayre (Day 248, 251 and 252).

Till then!

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