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Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to secure myself a pair of VIP pass for bloggers to attend the Soulscape event! Held at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa, Soulscape offered an entire day packed with activities ranging from meditation to acro yoga and not forgetting the main event of the day -- sunset yoga!

I went to Soulscape around lunch time and YY & I both packed our lunch from Vivo before heading over to Sentosa. Since it was lunch time, there were no classes ongoing and we just spent the time lounging around while having our lunch. Well, while we had access to the VIP lounge area which was part of Tanjong Beach Club, we nua-ed an hour away on the Doob Bean bags & the cute floats at the communal lounge area! We were also really lucky because we managed to get some freebies from Lululemon!!!

If only I could live on a slice of pizza all day...
Coconut Water!!! & the cute and colorful Doob beanbags :)
Free badge from Lululemon on their #PlantPositivity wall :)

We started our first activity by trying out Mat Pilates at the community pavilion. This area is free access to all, meaning you do not need to have purchased tickets prior! The lesson was pretty basic but it was really not easy doing pilates/yoga on the sand!!! Really makes you hold your balance a lot more than you usually would LOL but it was extremely calming and therapeutic just feeling the wind and sea breeze past you by when you take in deep breaths of relaxation! 

Also thankful for the free supply of Ice Mountain, CoCo Life coconut water & Nutri Soy(!!!!) that day hehe.

Next, I tried the Acro Yoga class at the Warrior Pavilion (paid area)!!! This is one class that I really looked forward to trying out at Soulscape hehe because I'm really interested in how acro yoga works and since I had free passes, it means this is like a free class for me!!! So of course, I had to seize the opportunity to learn!:)

Acro Yoga class!

The class was extremely fun, and of course slightly challenging! I concluded that I suck at basing when the bulk of the strength requires your thigh strength... I just cannot LOLLOLLOL. I really had so much fun at the class with YY and others who were there because we often had to work in groups of 3 to 4 people :) 

Finally, we ended off our day with Sunset Yoga right in front of the main stage area :) The series of back stretching was so shiok for me because I haven't "opened" up my back for really long :) Plus as I've mentioned, nothing more therapeutic, calming and peaceful than feeling the sea breeze as you take deep breaths of relaxation! 

Placing my personalised seashell casing on a beach lolllol how apt.

It was a Saturday well spent at Soulscape last week and if you've missed it this year, fret not! There's always next year and I'm sure the event will only get better!;)

Xin Lin

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