Hong Kong Travelogue : Where to Shop

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Finally found the time to get down to document my Hong Kong trip 2 weeks back! It was my first trip to HK and it was a pretty spontaneous decision among my uni classmates and I. But we're so glad we managed to go on a holiday together :)

We managed to get the Scoot promotion airfares so round trip (including a checked in 20kg baggage on our return flight) cost $167 which was pretty affordable! Plus on our return flight back, the plane was so empty that we kinda had a few seats to ourselves so it was really a comfortable ride back haha. To save costs, we also opted to stay in a guesthouse instead of hotels! The place we stayed at was Yesinn @ Causeway Bay.

Us waiting for the lift to get up to the guesthouse reception desk at 8am in the morning

It was SGD$21 per night for a 21 bed dorm room but we managed to get a free upgrade to the 9 bed dorm room upon arrival :) The place was really convenient, located just a road across the MRT exit at Causeway Bay, and within walkable distance to shopping districts like the 6 storeys high Forever 21! The rooms were also clean, and I must say it was a good first experience at staying at a guesthouse for me! The bed-side is also equipped with 3 plugs, all universally adapted already (is this the correct term???) hence we didn't even need to use our adapters!!!

Okay this ISN'T the best illustration of our room but there were 3 of these triple bunk beds and we occupied 2 of the middle and upper bunk beds! Mine was the highest bunk shown above. It looks messy because this is day 2 of our stay? Really like the fact that there was a curtain for you to draw at your bed for more privacy (:
A more proper illustration of our stay at Yesinn! Right before bedtime and Lynn called for a selfie HAHAHA. I miss climbing up and down and into their bunks hehe

In terms of weather, it can get pretty unpredictable. It can be a thunderstorm at one moment and freaking hot the next. The best thing to do? Always carry an umbrella with you! I reminded my friends to bring an umbrella on our trip with us but guess what... I forgot to bring one myself -.-"

We also bought ourselves an Octopus pass which is just like an Ez-link card there. You can purchase it at any ticketing counter at the MTR station! It costs HKD$150 with $100 value and $50 deposit which can be refunded at the end of your trip. We used up all $100 of the value and topped up a little because travel cost to Disneyland was more expensive than other stations! Otherwise, if you're there for around 5 days, this amount should be sufficient! But that's also if you don't mind walking, as we walked quite a bit since the MTR stations are quite near each other. (Think walking from Orchard to Dhoby Ghaut, or from Bugis to City Hall) A little exercise (walking) is definitely necessary after ALL the eating that we did there!

If you need to purchase a SIM card, you can do so at the airport! I got mine at the departure level where the currency exchange counter was. All the plans among the different telcos are the same, with a 5 day plan at HKD$80, and a 1.5GB data plan included. Wifi is pretty accessible in most places so if you can do without your phone, go ahead! HAHA but I wanted to update my Instagram and Dayre on the go and I was meeting friends there so it was definitely more convenient with a SIM card. We also needed to use Google maps quite frequently since we did quite a bit of walking. This is kinda "cheat" but just on your hotspot and your friends can have wifi to use too at places without wifi!

We also managed to meet up with our friends there who brought us around so we got to try pretty a lot of food... but let's start with places to shop!

1) Argyle Centre, Mongkok
(Exit from Mongkok station Exit B2)

All clothes and bags seen above is bought at Argyle Centre. Should I do a haul video??? HAHA

THIS place. We visited 3 times during our trip, is there anymore I need to say?! HAHAHA. This is literally like the Bugis Street of Singapore with the prices of Bangkok! There are about 4 storeys in this building and every turn you make, you see CLOTHES.

I bought ALL my clothes here, and only here. The only other thing I bought that wasn't from Argyle Centre was my iPhone case which I bought at Ladies Market at HKD40 (after bargaining) The fashion style carried over in HK was very much similar to the Korean trend, selling lots of Kpop-ish clothes, with most priced around HKD39-60 (HKD60 is just slightly more than SGD10!!!) They had so many clothes in black and white, striped and EXACTLY what I feed my wardrobe with all the time. I had to stop myself from buying too much in case I become a zebra... LOLLOL I also didn't bring much money there with me to HK as I wasn't expecting to shop a lot since I was saving all my money for Korea LOL

While the clothes are cheap, shoes here can be quite costly, relatively! Can get it at the same price or cheaper here in SG sometimes.

2) Kwai Chung Plaza
(Kwai Fong MTR station)

Our friends recommended us this place! And when we stepped in, the place entirely resembled FEP and there were so many students! I'd think they have a slightly wider selection of clothes than Argyle, but priced slightly higher than Argyle although it is still pretty cheap! I didn't buy anything here except for a pair of leather leggings I needed for my performance which I COULDN'T fit :(

This place is pretty worth a check out too although it is located further away from the popular shopping areas :)

3) 6ixty8eight
Level 6 Hysan Place, Causeway Bay

We weren't intending to buy anything from the shopping malls at Causeway Bay cos they were probably gonna be expensive. BUT BOYYYY, WHY DID MY FRIEND LIVING IN HK TELL ME ABOUT THIS PLACE????

When she told me "you'll love 6ixty8eight!!!" I was pretty doubtful cos it was in a department store or rather, maybe I'll love it but my wallet will hate me for it HAHA. But oh gosh, the 4 of us girls spent 2 hours inside this place HAHAHA. It's not even a shop it's just a boutique counter in a department store!

I realised I haven't said what this place is HAHA it's a lingerie store!!! There was already a queue when we went there for the fitting room and we... contributed to the queue la okay lol!!! The thing is, they allow fitting for the bikinis/bras! and their bikinis were soooo pretty and it was DAMN cheap. I bought a sale set at HKD68 (39 for bikini top, 29 for bikini bottom)!! That's around SGD$11.70! And you can try them on to find the size that fits you... really where to find??? LOL They also sell bras, undies, lounge wear and casual going-out clothes and beach wear. All at very reasonable prices! For their monokinis/tankinis it was around HKD128 (SGD 22) which is really affordable as well! Left this place extremely happy and satisfied after 2 hours with a set of bikini and a bra HEHE. All 4 of us bought something and were carrying the hot pink bag walking around CWB LOL

That's pretty much about it for where we shopped. Of course, there are places like Forever 21 and all the streets but the streets were kinda too touristy... There was also a campaign for F21 going on there that if you follow F21 on their Wechat, you get 21% off your first piece! Quite a good deal plus they have lots of sale items at their 6 storey CWB store.

The next post will be on all the foooood we ate and there's just so many! I've meant to combine shopping + food together but it got way tooo long! So stay tuned!:)

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