Dance Uncensored 2015: My 3rd DU

4:37 AM

Realised I haven't blogged about DU at all! And it took place more than a month ago... Every year after DU without fail, I will definitely write a (lengthy) facebook note on my concert after thoughts but I wanted to save it for a blog post this year... Reason being I think it is still easier for me to find back whatever I wrote next time, with the photos!

To be honest, sometimes I really do agree that life in university pass by wayyyy too quickly! I can't believe I am done with Year 3 already. Is it because I am really having too much fun? Hahaha I don't know. But one thing I look forward every year for sure is the dance concert that all 6 halls combine to put up together, known as Dance Uncensored (DU). It's my 3rd year in Sheares, 3rd year in DanSHers and hence my 3rd DU! Every DU is a different learning experience for me!

When I was a freshie, DU was all about having fun and you know, freshies have nothing to worry about! Everything, anything, the seniors will take care of it for us. LOL
When I was in Year 2, and took on the role on Dance IC with two other friends, things were a lot more serious because we had to do all the behind-the-scene job like admin, and all the saikang and have 70+ people to account for. But it was through this year that I really felt like there's so much DanSHers have given me and so much that I can give back. And found support and strength from so many of the peers that I could never have imagined.
Now, into my 3rd year, I have no leadership responsibilities and I have the freedom to choose what I want to do. But I still want to give back and contribute as much as I can, and spend as much quality time and forge beautiful memories with my closest friends from hall here.

You know how people always say, when you're senior you're old and don't wanna participate in so many items and stuff? I had that thought too, but when the choice came to deciding how many items to join, I still ended up dancing 2 out of 4 items and co-choreographed 1 item which I didn't dance in. LOL. So much for "time to relax", I still ended up having no time to sleep, being a part time student and full time dancer for an entire semester.

But there's nothing I'm gonna complain about, everything is so worth it. From when I first started picking up dancing, I can never once picture myself not being busy from/with dance... it is such a part of my life already. Even though dancing in uni/hall is way different from back in jc/sec sch days, I get to learn a lot a lot more. I get to learn without pressure, I get to learn so many other genres, even though it meant getting less flexible by the day from the lack of crazy stretching and stagnating from what I am comfortable with and used to.

Okay, I digressed.

So, I co-choreographed another item with the same friend as I did last year! Just so thankful for the chance to learn to choreograph and we have so much more to learn, but I'd like to think that we've improved quite a bit in choreographing since last year.

This year, our item name is "Seek"

I think those who don't dance probably won't understand la hahaha but okay just adding the video here for those who're interested :)

Anyway, I'm usually quite a crazy/lame/easy-going person when I'm with my friends and stuff but in dance, I'm totally different. My friend and I are actually pretty strict and emphasize super a lot on discipline lol... so I really wanna thank our item's dancers for putting up with us and being so supportive and hardworking. So so grateful!

Also, it is only for dance performance will I go on such strict dieting/crazy working out to get myself some abs. Which has all disappeared now. Really need the motivation to get the abs back LOL

Not sure how our items for next year will be like, but I'd love to put a good end to the 4th DU, if possible :)

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