Fashion Feature: Freja Designs

12:57 AM

After being away for awhile on this space, I'm back again! Exams are finally over and the holidays are here and I've actually got quite a bit of blogging to catch up with. So to start off first, I'm going to be doing a fashion feature for Freja Designs today! (This post was supposed to be up last month but school drove me too busy, thank you FD for being so nice and patient!!!) :')

Freja Designs is a fashion brand from Sweden and they specialize in selling scarves and cardigans. They also do stock up their products at hotels like Fullerton Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Shangri Hotel and Conrad Hotel!

Being a big fan and staple wearer of cardigans, I definitely have to choose something from their cardigan section! I picked out two pieces, and one of them is the Maxi Jacket in Cream:

I love the length of this jacket and just how flowy it is! It is extremely lightweight to carry around and doesn't occupy too much space in my bag (and I carry a cardigan around with me most of the time) Besides that, the cardigan is wrinkle free! Enough of throwing my cardigans into my bag and it looking like kiam cai when I take out to wear them later on :D

Just to show how flowy the cardigan can get, and also an excuse to get a twirling photo lol

The second piece that I picked was the Poncho in Denim Blue:

(figured that all my photos were non-smiley so I attempted one lol)

This piece is quite special because there are so many ways to wear it! It's super versatile and you can either wear it as a poncho, a pullover, or an off shoulder/toga outerpiece! It's really good for layering your clothes and outfits. It's made of the same material as the maxi cardigan which means it is equally lightweight and wrinkle free!:)

Seriously, staying in hall for 3 years, having wrinkle free clothes is like the best gift bestowed upon me because I don't have to worry about looking so unkempt when I head out (I don't have an iron with me in hall)

Overall, I'm really pleased with the two pieces of outerwears I received. I've actually worn them out a few times but getting down to taking photos of it was so much tougher. Because the photos just wouldn't do the apparels enough justice!!! (hence I took so long oops..) But I really love how these pieces just add that little oomph to a very simple, casual outfit :)

Thank you Freja Designs!


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