It's November?!

1:24 AM

First thought: Where the hell did the rest of my other 10 months go to?!

Second thought: What have I been doing? 3 more months and I don't know about you, I'm feeling 22 (so, so old omg)
Third, most important thought: FINALS IN 3 WEEKS TIME DIE LIAO LAH

And before I actually go on to study for my finals, I still have:
1 group report due Tuesday which I just want to get it quickly done with!!!
1 more weekly submission for PH1102E (took this to clear basket req)
1 more CA for a core mod which I really need to get started on

Yet I'll be working over the weekends.

Also, supposed to be working on consolidating my part for the report now. 
But I'm also really tired

I'm not really typing coherently, just need to r a n t somewhere :(

If I could have S/U-ed my first semester like this current batch, I will be enjoying life now and not having to worry whether I can make it to Year 4. LOL but this sem is just a shitty sem. 

And a part of me can't wait to graduate.

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