End of semester

7:52 PM

Reading week seem to have unofficially started for me since I do not have any official lessons left for the last week of school! Most of my modules have done its module closure and I'm only left with a lecture to go for where my 3-day assignment question will be released and then a short 40 minute review tutorial!

On the other hand, had a really terrible CA paper earlier today and I'm just quite sian over it. Like I feel that all hopes of me being able to pull up my cap this sem is lost, LOL. Really gotta buck up for the remaining two weeks else I can really prepare to file for graduation next semester. In the first place I was all prepared to FFG in year 3 before they decide to lower the CAP required for honours... But well if hopefully I manage to do honours, I guess it enhances my chances to pursue Speech Therapy post-graduation... So, we shall see how it goes! (:

Finally packed my entire room + cleaned my fan and all furniture + changed bedsheets + washed the floor mats and all. And that's about how I spent my entire afternoon in hall. Gonna draw out a study plan for the remaining days till finals and start studying already!!! It's kinda my most free semester so I shall stay disciplined.

Been listening to ALL of Jay Chou's album the whole afternoon and feeling sad that I could have attended his concert two days back, but now I have to wait till December :( :( :( So so looking forward to the december holidays! Can't wait for taiwan trip + Jay's concert YAYYYY. Gonna be my fourth trip to Taiwan and I can't wait to shop + eat all I want there!!! And I have a product review coming right up next so stay tuned ;)

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