4:57 AM

The past two days were... totally carefree. I can't exactly recall doing anything much besides sleeping and eating my meals hahaha

The weather's been extremely great for snuggling in bed all day long hence I only woke up at 5pm on a Saturday evening LOL amazing isn't it. Got up and finally got down to packing my room -- clothes, sem 1 notes, shoes, bags, food for home since I'd be putting storage for the rest of the stuff for this short vacation! Took me a good whole 4 hours to pack things and pack the entire room + clean the whole room up. It was really in a terrible inhabitable state prior and during the exams period (as always) hahaha

Bidded farewell to my little humble space, will be back again in a month's time :) (with a new fridge!!! old fridge died mid-sem omg sobs) 3 sems in this room and I wonder how many sems will I be able to spend in here :) One of my best hideouts on utterly horrible days where I can get complete silence and peace. Missing in photo: pretty fairy lights cos I took them down in case they collect dust!

Gonna spend more meaningful days ahead and not sleep every single day away already!!! Hopefully will get to bake tomorrow yay please wake up on time and not at 5pm anymore, dear body!

Till then,

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