HOLIDAYS x Department of Caffeine

5:01 AM

Finally, my exams are over as well!!! *throws confetti in air*

Even though the last two papers were a killer imo but okay I am so glad I am over and done with it! Gonna enjoy the holiday while it lasts because it's probably one of the last holidays where I can afford not to work... (but not working also means I probably need to cave in at home to save money HAHA)


Headed back to hall after the paper earlier on before heading out for lunch with Pam & Jo! Was having a realllyyyyy swollen eye this morning, thanks to the wonders of concealer for doing the job of covering most of it up. But my eyes were still extremely uncomfortable under the light (even though it was drizzling) therefore my shades finally came in handy.

Had lunch at Department of Caffeine (D.O.C) and thankfully it wasn't crowded although it was lunch time! Was starving by the time we reached so it was just awesome that we didn't had to wait long before food is served!

//so hungry I can eat almost everything on the menu!!! Really wanted to order the poached salmon but the soba noodles salad that came along with it was sold out and I don't eat greens so... oh well!)

Pretty much loved the environment, and the ambience and food quality is definitely better than some of the cafes that I've visited, not to mention it wasn't overcrowded! (I love quiet places!) While waiting for our food, we just camwhored around...

Hahaha I love this shot. Was just playing around with my apps and I was just candidly posing (I mean, I was posing but it was taken before I was ready for the shot HAHA) but the photo turned out quite interesting, I must say. My friends say I look like someone who just came out of a haunted movie on the right hahaha

Ordered a hot chocolate (yay can do without coffee for a few days now!) and the cocoa taste was pretty strong, and it wasn't sweet. Hence it was pretty much to my liking plus how could one just resist hot chocolate on a rainy day?? :):):) Jo ordered some Iced Ginger tea w mint leaves thingy? Which tasted reallllyyyy refreshing! But I forgot to take a photo of that. & food was served! hehe

Smoked Salmon Scramble ($15 I think?) that Pam ordered. This was the first thing on the menu that caught all our attention at first glance!!! But it would be retarded if all 3 of us ordered the same dish right? LOL But the smoked salmon was -okay- only but the 2 of them were saying how yummy the salads was... which I totally couldn't appreciate lol sigh

'Cos I didn't order the poached salmon in the end, I ordered the 8hrs Pulled Pork burger ($14.50) I did tell them not to add the coleslaw in... BUT GUESS WHAT I ATE THEM ANYWAY!!! Aren't you guys so proud you ought to be crying now HAHAHA. I liked that the burger had a tomato base that tasted like decent tomato based sauces... since I don't ever consume mayo/tartar or whatever weird sauces there ever are out there. & the pulled pork was yummy!!! (it was just kinda hard to chew but that's because I just tightened my braces, so nth to do with the pork) Didn't touch the greens (are those called zucchinis?) at all LOL

Chicken Bordon Bleu ($18.50) that Jo ordered and he was just raving about it and couldn't bear to finish it... Tried a small bite of it and it was really good!!! Esp if you like cheese because the cheese literally oozes out! BUT what caught my attention more was the baby potatoes!!! hehehehe Hence I focused my photo of it on them instead of the chicken. Sorry, I'm biased like that HEHEHE

Buttermilk waffles with vanilla ice cream & peanut butter & jelly ($12.50) The ice cream went really well with the buttermilk waffles but the peanut butter taste was quite overpowering hence I got gelat of it after a while, the same for Pammie! Yet Jo was saying that there isn't enough peanut butter for him... :O

Overall we were all really satisfied with our food!!! Even though the waffles was not the best (compared to Strangers' Reunion & Creamier), but dessert in itself is already a godlike invention created by humans! Hehe would love to make another trip there soon to try out their dessert and tarts :)

Department of Caffeine (D.O.C)
15 Duxton Road

& we attempted to take some OOTD shots after lunch since we were pretty much dressed up (not for Jo) hehe hence the photo up there ^ and the photos below:

I know the background not very nice but that's because it was raining and we were not particularly picky people HAHAHA. Thank goodness my eyes weren't as swollen after lunch... or maybe they were just hungry. Yupp okay. One of my favourite tops and favourite skirts and favourite sandals ^^

We then made our way down to ICA next because I had to renew my passport and the two of them needed to remake their ICs after losing it at Zouk... Lollol! Which probably explained why I still drew on some eyeliner to make my eyes look less swollen even though I already was wearing shades... I totally won't want to be reminded for the next 5 years every time I travel that I have a shitty passport photo HAHAHA

Such first world problems we face...

Had some time to spare so we hung around Bugis for awhile before I happily bought my Taimei and returned back to hall to concuss. Was totally so comfy under my bedsheets without having to worry about anything for the first time (PLUS I was really tired as I only slept 1 hour prior to going for my paper!!!) then someone just had to triggered the fire alarm off... WTHHH :(

& I've been wanting to start packing up my room since I'm going home tmr hence won't be in for the next 1 month in hall but I've totally procrastinated by nua-ing in Angeline's room (2 lonely sad souls on Level 3...), then crashing for another 3 hours on my bed, and now posting this while eating some fries. ^^

Holidays is just such a wonderful time (: & I'm just overly elated over the end of finals because I've been using "end of finals" as a countdown to 1 more month before lunz is back!!! That just made everything even better hehehehe :D

Alright, that's all for now and I guess I shall pack tmr HAHA. (It's obviously not going to happen in such a great weather for sleeping...)
Good night!

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