Morning Coffee with Lavazza Prontissimo! Instant Coffee

1:28 AM

Good morning, earthlings! Hope your day had a great start to it and you're all ready to start the day. If you struggle to stay awake in the morning like me, maybe what you lack is a good cuppa coffee to kickstart your day? 

At least I'm pretty certain that's the case for me. I can't start my day without my coffee but sometimes, I'm just too lazy to make that morning trip to my favourite cafe for a good cuppa. Wouldn't it be nice if we can enjoy a premium standard of coffee just from the comforts of home, at anytime of the day?

This is especially true for myself since I work from my small, humble home office and while I have all kinds of tea stocked in the cabinet, I struggle to find an instant coffee that is to my liking, and perhaps that is the reason why I am willing to fork out a couple dollars more for a cup of latte at my favourite cafe haunt in the neighbourhood.

A month back, the team at Lavazza, sent me their Prontissimo! range of instant coffee, which comes in either the Intenso or Classico variant. They must have probably seen how I cease to function as a full grown working adult without that daily fix of caffeine in the morning and thus, decided to come to my rescue! Hahaha.

The Intenso, like its name suggests, has a higher intensity that is attributed by its full bodied coffee, dark and long-lasting crema, strong taste & aroma which is reminiscent of dark chocolate. The Classico, on the other hand, is slightly lighter than the former variant, has delicate notes of caramel and is a smooth and well balanced blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans. 

My favourite part about these premium instant coffee, is the fact that your entire room will be filled with the aroma of the beans every time you open the tin to make a cup, and that itself is beyond therapeutic! LOL Of course, neither of the Intenso nor Classico tastes overly acidic despite them being slightly strong on the intensity scale, which is definitely a hit for me. 

Preparing the coffee:

Step 1: Fill your cup with hot water (not boiling water) You may also try it with hot milk if you'd like to have your coffee white! 

Step 2: Add a spoonful, or two, of your choice of Lavazza Prontissimo! instant coffee blend. 

I picked the Intenso for my morning coffee because I need a stronger flavour to wake my sleepy soul up ;P

Step 3: Stir well

And... enjoy your morning cuppa! 

You may also add in sugar or creamer to suit your tastebuds and I've tried them all -- they all taste equally good! 

Who doesn't like sipping on your coffee with your pajamas and morning bed hair, right? Lucky me, I get to do that now with my Lavazza Prontissimo! instant coffee :) 

Have a good day ahead all!

Xin Lin

Note: This post is in collaboration with Lavazza Singapore, all opinions are my own.

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