New in Singapore: Stay Young with Nutox!

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One of Malaysia’s top 3 selling skincare brands, Nutox, has finally arrived in Singapore! Earlier this month, I was actually in Kuala Lumpur for a private pre-launch event for the brand, to learn more about the brand story as well as on their products (so that I can share it here with you all!) :)

Launched in 2006, Nutox has seen increasing popularity in their home grown market, especially with their moisturizers and serums.

Having bird’s nest and Actigenic+ (which boosts gene activity and collagen production in our skin) as its key ingredients, Nutox products pride itself in helping women achieve a skin that stays forever young by providing deep nourishment and lifting effects to the skin.

Even before I got to try on the products for myself, I was already sold to the brand when we got to meet their brand ambassador, Nancy Wu, in Kuala Lumpur for a closed door interview to learn more about the brand from her! It was during the interview where we saw for ourselves how well she spoke of the brand with passion, and how her skin was glowing from within despite her busy filming schedule, that I got really attracted to the brand and their products!

Nutox’s star product is in fact their Advanced Serum Concentrate, which is packed with double the Bird’s Nest goodness that targets fine lines, wrinkles and helps replenish collagen in our skin.

ActiGenic+, another key ingredient in the serum, helps with collagen and elastin production.

The scent of the products were not overly strong, still suitable for people with sensitive skin like me. In fact, my skin has shown nothing but positive results for their products so far!

I have been using this product very often and bringing it with me everywhere – for traveling and also for my gym days. I’m often pretty lazy after bathing after gym and don’t wanna pile on the usual skincare routine so I just apply the Advanced Serum Concentrate and it still works wonders! My skin will feel very supple and makes me feel very comfortable heading out bare faced!

What impressed me the most, as all skincare products with the same qualities do, is the fact that their products do not contain any parabens, mineral oils, colorants and alcohol.
While I am just about to enter my mid 20s and do not have issues with fine lines and wrinkles at the moment, I was able to tell a difference in my skin condition with my pores being visibly much smaller than before just one week after using the Advanced Serum Concentrate! :O

Here’s a before and after ~ And I’ve been using the serum almost every night now and it really does do what it claims – to show visible results within 7 days!!!

Furthermore, mid 20s is a good age to get started on anti-ageing skincare so that we can really look forever young! ;)

Another favourite product of mine after trying out is their night cream. While the cream can have a pretty rich texture, it absorbs really quickly into the skin with no oily/tacky residue and a good hint of glow on my face right after. I can safely say this is totally what I need and like because I do not usually apply foundations on a normal day out so waking up with a nice glow on my face is a dream come true!

I packed a few scoops into a travel container lately and brought it on flight to use since we all know flights makes our skin so so dry. This, together with the overnight mask, leaves my skin remaining hydrated even after a long 7 hours flight!!:O 

You can purchase selected Nutox products at Watsons islandwide and I hope you guys will like it as much as I do! ^^

Xin Lin

Note: This post is in collaboration with Nutox, all opinions are my own.

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