PHYTO: Creating Beautiful Hair with the Phytokeratine Extreme range

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Have you ever gotten all dolled up and ready to leave the house for a day out only to realise that your hair just wouldn't tame itself down at all??? Frizzy strands flying all around, tangled ends that makes it impossible to comb through. Yes, I face that almost everyday :O

My hair is dry by nature and all the hair sprays and gels used during shoots sometimes doesn't help with improving the condition at all. I've switched around quite a few brands of shampoos and while some are a hit, some are a miss. 

Phyto recently sent their new "Exceptional Shampoo" and "Exceptional Hair Mask" over for me to try out. As written on their packaging, the products are targeted at hair that is very dry, brittle and damaged. 

Omg, doesn't that sound familiar T.T LOLLOL

I tried using the Exceptional Shampoo for 3 days straight and my hair really did become softer, and tangled less often!!! In fact, it almost didn't tangle at all :O Botanical keratin, being one of the key ingredients of the shampoo, is said to work like a filler to fill in the gaps in the cortex of our hair, making delicate and brittle hair less prone to breaking. 

Other key ingredients in the shampoo includes baobab oil and shea butter (Anything with shea butter, I buy! LOL kidding but you get my drift) which helps in providing intense nourishment and hydration to your hair, making it soft with that healthy shine to it!

I'm really impressed because prior to this, I was pretty sure those tangled ends could trap mosquitoes and strangled them to death if they ever flew there... 

If there is a "flaw" that I have to pick with this product, it probably is with the packaging, haha. It would have been my 10/10 if it came with a pump dispenser!!! 

As with all others, hair masks aim to "renew" your hair and give them "life" again, much like what face masks do to our skin. The Phyto's Exceptional Hair Mask was a luxurious spread on my hair, and the product absorb pretty readily into my hair, giving it the silky, smooth texture right after that! The hair mask does a really great job in repairing the hair, especially the dry ends that tend to stray, and keep all frizzes at bay. 

With a nice blow dry after shower, my hair is so soft and smooth and looks pretty salon ready! 

The Phyto hair care range is retailing at Beauty by Nature stores and other leading retailers like Robinsons, Metro, Guardian, SaSa, Unity & Watsons! Phytokeratine Extreme range however, is exclusively available at Beauty by Nature & departmental stores! and although it isn't the most affordable drug store brand, it does deliver what it promise to! Definitely a worthy investment if you've dry and damaged hair :)

Xin Lin

This post is brought to you by Phyto.

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